10 gift ideas with flowers

Flowers are the perfect gift. It’s inexpensive and dressed up right it simply makes your heart melt. I have found ten lovely ways to work with flowers a little differently to make a very impressive gift.

1. Wrap it up

Never give a friend a bunch of flowers in that terrible plastic wrap if you can help it. You know the variety I’m talking about. It just says that you have not put any thought into the gift but rather grabbed it from the corner shop on your way over.

Rather make personalized wrapping paper by painting the person’s name in white and a bold flowing font on brown paper. Simple and simply beautiful.



2. Twice as nice

Another alternative is to double layer the wrap with brown paper and gift wrap. Tie it up with string and a personalized gift tag.



3. From the garden

Put together a collection of herbs from your garden and wrap it in wax paper that is secured with a sticker where it folds over. This is a great gift for a dinner party host. Especially if the host doesn’t have the luxury of a herb garden like you do.



4. Thoughtful touches

Add an olive branch or whatever is green and pretty in your garden and combine it with a gift tag tied up with a piece of string.



5. Pop of color

Combine butcher’s twine with a graphic tag and a few blooms. Try to keep the stems of the flowers long enough so that the person receiving the gift will be able to put them in water once the gift is unwrapped.



6. Cutting corners

Why not put the butcher’s twine diagonally across the corner of your gift rather than crisscrossed and centered? Add a few colorful blooms and you have a show stopper!



7. Mix it up

Mix up fresh flowers and grey toned succulents to create a fuller look to the bunch. I simply love the contrast and the way the bouquet was tied up with a piece of lace rather than a ribbon. It’s a lovely nostalgic touch.



8. Put your eggs in one basket

Create mini gardens in egg shells and display them in an egg tray. This makes a beautiful center piece on a dinner table and also doubles up as party favors. The guests can then plant them egg shells and all!



9. Plants are flowers too

Truly the gift that keeps on giving! Give your guests a succulent plant wrapped in a piece of brown paper and finish it off with a name tag.



Read my previous blog post on succulent care here and include it with the the plants so your guests know exactly how to keep these little gems alive.

10. Terrific terrarium

Terrariums make great gifts for keen gardeners who simply don’t have the space. Combine the plants with Billy Button flowers for a splash of color. Follow this step by step guide to make your own.



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