5 Budget Friendly Decorating Tips

Doing it yourself is the best way to get the most out of your decorating budget. Instead of spending big bucks, rather use your imagination to give your home an inexpensive makeover: it’s more cost-effective and the sheer joy of knowing that you did it yourself will be totally worth it!  All you need is a bit of inspiration, an active imagination, some basic tools and a little gusto.

Crate iT!

Wooden crates make inexpensive, green and – as it turns out – very trendy end tables. Paint them or leave them as is for a grungy industrial feel. Stack them together in whatever fashion suits your purposes and you have end tables with added storage space. This cutie is by Bella Mumma.


Paint iT!

I am always amazed at the instant lift a bit of paint gives. Whenever I don’t know what to do with a space, I end up painting it. Saying that, I painted the same wall 4 times today because I couldn’t get the colour quite right… so the lesson that I’ve learned here is that it’s super important to be happy with the swatch first! But luckily, it’s such a simple and inexpensive thing to redo if you don’t get it right entirely. I just don’t recommend trying 4 times 😉 This stunning deep grey bedroom by Decor Dots.

shade of grey paint

Repurpose iT!
A used picnic table and benches make for a very cool and inexpensive dining room set. Sand the table and benches if need be and paint in whatever color matches your room (French grey, charcoal or white are always winners here).  Add some cushions for comfort, some candles for atmosphere and some food, friends and wine for merriment and you’ve got a dinner party.This very sweet table is by Life at Walnut Grove. Love the numbered stencil on the seats!

picnic 1

Rethink iT!

Don’t toss your old furniture just because it is out of fashion or in need of some TLC. Restyling old pieces is not only cost-efficient, it also adds some nostalgia to your space. A bit of paint, some new handles or new funky upholstery can transform a piece of furniture into something to covet. And don’t be shy to paint that dressing table or sideboard that you got from your grandmother – I am pretty sure that she’d rather you use it than sell it because it doesn’t work in your home. Unless it’s a priceless antique of course. This beauty via BHG.com


Patch iT!

What a cool idea for an area rug! Use pieces of old rugs and carpet samples and sew them together with thick wool and a carpet needle or even simpler: just stick them down in a random pattern onto a felt backer. You’ll end up with a niquely textured and patterned rug that looks amazing. Don’t forget to share the picture here after you’ve finished yours! By Flor.com.

flor carpet

There are so many awesome places to find decorating and design inspiration – like Homeology of course! – so think outside the box when it comes to your home. Your beautiful abode need not cost the earth.

Happy decorating!


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