6 practical reasons why blinds are perfect for hard-working rooms


It’s really important to make an informed decision when choosing your window treatments. It’s not just the aesthetics that need to be taken into account, but also the practicality of your chosen treatment, ease of operation, cleaning and durability. This is especially necessary for the hard-working rooms in your home, where space and functionality are key. A simple way to declutter a busy room and add a clean, modern touch is to remove curtains and track and add blinds. And there are so many options to choose from! Here are our top 6 reasons why blinds are perfect for the hard-working rooms in your home.

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So how do you know which blind is right for your room? First, you need to ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. How much light do I need in this room and how much do I want to be able to control the incoming light? The answer should tell you whether you need a solid block-out blind, a diffuser blind that softens harsh sunlight or glare, or slats that allow you to regulate the light in the room.
  2. Do I want my window treatment to become a feature or to blend into the background? The answer should direct you to what finish you should pick for your window treatment. To make a bold statement, you can use a lovely fabric for a roman blind or if you prefer something more subtle, you should go for a neutral finish or solid colour blind.
  3. Will my blind be exposed to the elements like moisture and harsh sunlight? This will narrow down your options in choosing the blind or window treatment that can handle what you are about to throw at it.


Let’s look at the various blind options for the hard-working rooms in your home.

#1 Beautiful Bathrooms

Because of moisture, the bathroom is one of those forgotten rooms when it comes to fabulous window treatments. Choosing the right product could make the world of difference. Shutters not only create privacy, but they’re also great at regulating light. They are easy to wipe down and sealed to handle the moisture. Shutters add sophisticated elegance to any room and work especially well in spaces with higher ceilings.


#2 Dirty laundry

The laundry is another one of those rooms that need extra hard-working window treatments. It has become very trendy to add a high rail above a window, in between two cupboards, that allows for delicate items to be aired. Here it is crucial to be able to regulate both light and air because this is where wet laundry ends up in winter. A basswood Venetian blind is simple and practical and gives you excellent control. If you want to add a natural element, the bamboo roll up blind on the left is just the look you need.

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#3 A classic all-rounder

If you want a modern classic look, roman blinds are the way to go. The fabric can be matched to your existing decor, and they are ideally suited to rooms that get a lot of direct sunlight.

To increase the durability of fabric blinds, you can give them a dirt-repelling coating like Scotchguard®. And while you may have less control over the amount of light that is allowed in through a roman blind, it does offer the option of completely shutting the light out if it has a block-out lining.


#4 The pretty solution for any room

The latest trend this year in window treatments are honeycomb blinds thanks to their unique qualities, refreshing style, and versatility. Honeycomb blinds are extremely durable, energy efficient, provide superior insulation and can be made to fit inside or outside the window recess. These blinds are produced from polyester fibers which are easy to clean and will not degrade over time. Choose from five different operating systems and five fabric options, in over 200 colours at Finishing Touches. Truly spoilt for choice!

If that is not enough, it is also water and fade resistant which makes it perfect for any hard-working space. I’m sold!

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#5 Workhorse

There is nothing worse than glare on your computer screen at certain times of the day. It’s just added stress that can be completely avoided with a clever window treatment. A light-diffusing roller blind or honeycomb blind will do wonders for your eyes by softening the light entering a room without blocking it completely. Aluminium Venetian blinds are another trendy and practical solution in a home office, giving you control over the amount and direction of light entering the room.



#6 Perfect fit

You can get your perfectly fitted made to measure blinds from Finishing Touches in any of the styles above. So simple and unobtrusive, blinds are not only hard workers in humid and busy spaces; they look great in any room!

Happy styling,

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