5 ways to make your flowers last longer

I work with flowers almost on a daily basis as it’s the quickest way to add life to a room. A single stemmed peony rose in the bathroom adds a whimsical touch and a colorful bunch of tulips in the living room gives a pop of color.

With all these lovely blooms around the house you want to make sure they last as long as possible and therefore I have found five very easy ways to ensure they keep fresher for longer.


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1.  Add sugar and a coin to the water

To make your flowers last longer, place 1 cube of sugar and 1 copper penny to the water in your vase. Then add the cut flowers to the vase and arrange them.

2. Add vodka to the water

Mix 1 tsp. (5 ml) of sugar and a few drops of vodka to the water in the vase.


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3.  Blend aspirin into the water

Crush an aspirin tablet. Fill the flowerpot with water. Add the aspirin tablet to the pot. Add the flowers.

4.  Maintain the stems

Ensure that the water in the flowerpot covers each stem. Trim the bottoms off any stems that have not been receiving water. Use sharp scissors, shears or a knife to trim the stems of the flowers. Trim the stems at a slant of 45 degrees. Refill the pot.



5.  Change the water

Replace the water every day to keep your flowers fresh. Trim the stems each time you change the water. Source: wikihow.com

My all time favorite flower quote “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck” Emma Goldman

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  1. Summer Greetings!! I received such beautiful roses, and will definately the fresh water thingie!!

    Your blog is beautiful!!

    Looking forward to buy the new TUIS!!

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