A creatively square interactive gallery wall for a fun playroom


I am in the process of updating the playroom, mainly because my music teacher mom-in-law gave me a piano for Christmas! I LOVED playing piano as a child and would spend many afternoons sitting there singing away instead of doing my homework. Since the piano was delivered, I have found myself playing – amateurishly –  mostly with absolute chaos around me, the soothing notes creating a bubble of calm around me. The boys love it too, and we’ve even started a little band with Jean and me on piano, Gian on the ukulele and Luc on drums (or anything else that makes as much noise as possible). I wanted the piano to find a home in the playroom, because I want the kids to feel like it’s theirs and that they are allowed to play on it. So far so good!

This was the playroom a few years ago before there were 3 and before they had loads of stuff!

How to create an interactive gallery wall

It is a rather large instrument, however, and getting it to work with my decor was problematic. So I decided to start from scratch and redo the whole room, bit by bit. We first moved everything around to clear a wall. That resulted in me throwing out heaps of stuff – one of my favourite things to do! Broken toys were tossed, and stuff that they’ve never played with were donated to a local charity. My kids also have tonnes of books which were sorted and shelved according to their ages – more on that later.

I had some letters on the wall spelling “Jean” and “Gian” but I’ve never gotten around to making Luc’s letters. I’ve also realized that they don’t even know that their names were on the wall since they are only starting to read now. How often do we design kids’ rooms that are more for the parents?? Anwyay, I tossed the letter idea and created a little gallery wall above the piano.

I like the idea of an art wall created only of squares. It creates a regular pattern that pleases my OCD without taking away creativity and spontaneity. The four empty canvasses are perfect for displaying the masterpieces that come home from school every week. And it’s awesome to see how proud the boys are when one of their works are up on the wall!

I clip the kids’ art directly onto the empty canvass using oversized pegs or large clips, so it’s really simple to take it down and put up a new one every week.

Now I have an interactive art wall, and the kids get to display their work. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Happy decorating!

Have you tried this yet? Please share your experience!

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