Alfresco dining

With the lovely weather it’s time to swing open the doors and go outside!

I have found amazing outdoor spaces from a rustic summer house to a outdoor kitchen and hope it inspires you to look at your outdoor spaces in a new way.

A lovely Summer house and outdoor fireplace

This Summer tree house has a dining area on the bottom deck that not only keeps the sun out of your eyes but also sets the scene for a perfect alfresco dining experience.

The outdoor fireplace is the perfect spot for colder evenings. Keep a basket with blankets close by so your guests can snuggle up.


A room with a view

The dining room on the left has a rustic pergola with a climber softening the rigid lines. The bench makes it even more comfortable to sit back and enjoy a meal with good friends.

On the right is a dining setting with a lovely view. It’s as simple as carrying out a table and a few chairs. Just remember to keep it close to the kitchen so it’s easy to dish up. This is the perfect setting for sun-downers!



Consider fairy lights or lanterns to create a festive atmosphere. I love the rounded bulb fairy lights in the picture on the right but to date have not been able to find it – will keep looking though! I will have to have them before Summer this year.


 Whatever the weather

Remember to upholster your outdoor furniture with weather-proof fabric. Let wooden furniture distress with time to give it character.



Outdoor entertaining have gone to a whole new level with outdoor kitchens! It’s a great way to entertain guests while cooking or getting them to help and make it a team effort.



Introducing wood adds warmth to any space – even outdoors. Keep wood well treated or varnished if you don’t want it to get the weathered look.


Modern outdoor spaces

I love the clean lines and simplicity of this setting: it’s a great solution for city slickers.


Shaded corners

If you are so lucky to have a big tree there really is no reason why you can’t have a beautiful setting like this one. If you have a olive grove, you’re set!


Sea side bliss

I have always wanted to live in a beach house where hammocks and oysters plentiful. The natural runner with the string of oyster shells just stole my heart.


Courtyards and rooftops

You don’t need a big space to create an outside dining area. Just look at this clever roof top garden and courtyard that can easily be incorporated in a small space.


Now if all these beautiful pictures don’t inspire you I’ll eat my (summery straw) hat!

Enjoy the lovely weather and happy styling,

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