Arum Lilies

For Germarie’s birthday, I gave her two bunches of Arum Lillies as this is one of her favorite flowers. Little did I know that it would spark off so much debate.

First of all there is the issue of the endangered Micro Frog and Arum Lilly Frog that after researched turned out to be a general misconception.

These frogs do not live and breed in the flower but only takes refuge there from time to time. Read the full story here on

The big issue is to not buy the flowers sold illegally by the side of the road but from a reputable source.

The second point of discussion was the symbolism behind the flower. I always thought it symbolizes death but it turns out that the Romans believed that it was a sign of lust and sexuality due to the shape of the flower. Read more about the symbolism of the flower at herb treat and taste blog

The Arum Lillie is such a beautiful and graphic flower. It can sit as a single stem in a vase or as a bunch and doesn’t need anything grouped with it to make a statement.

It’s also one the most photographed flowers and looks great in black and white.

I found a few visuals that I hope inspire.

Happy styling,

margaux 200px

Vintage art – dancer imitating the Arum.


Like most things, the Arum is at it’s prettiest in it’s natural habitat.



The Arum Lily frog.


All white blooms with fresh green stems make lots of impact in a flower display.


Bend the blooms in a rose bowl or try grouping the darker variety together against a light background to create a show shopper center piece.

Arum_6 prudencedesigns

The flower has beautiful graphic lines.



Probably the most photographed flower in the world.


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  1. Thanks Margaux – I really do love them! So much so in fact that I had the very dark red ones as my bouquet for my wedding. Stunning!

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