Bonjour, Ombré!

The ombré trend seems set to stay. And while I am sure you have by now seen the colourful grading technique on everything from walls to clothing, I have found some interesting options that are a bit more adventurous. Enjoy!

ombré [äm′brā′]

adjective – shaded or graduated in tone: said of a color

Origin of ombré: French past participle of ombrer, to shade ; from Classical Latin umbrare ; from umbra, shade

panelling and classic

heincker design via pinterest

The technique works incredibly well on wood paneling on the left where the vertical panels contrast with the horizontal grading. Perfect for a nautical setting. The very classic grouping and worn textures of the room on the right is enhanced with an almost shadow-like grading, emphasizing the gorgeous ceiling height.

stairs & chevron

designsponge & homedit

Deep teal provides a wonderfully modern touch on a traditional staircase while the chevron pattern is a fresh graphic interpretation.

striped & clothed

red book mag & mood interiors

Getting grading right can be quite a challenge, so why not opt for an easier version with bold coloured stripes and contrasting dividers between them? And dipping a tablecloth and allowing the dye to run creates a wonderfully informal effect. Get this look by dipping a damp cloth into the dye.

cubic & dipped

pinterest headquarters & designsponge

This is large-scale pixelated version done with paper is a very unique way create a graded focal. Use double-sided tape or spray adhesive to get the look! Dipping a chair and blending the colour adds a touch of modern to this traditional chair.

fromtheop & papered

lushome & mood interiors

For something completely different, why not throw things upside down and start with the colour at the top? Balance it with a piece of furniture in a similar – or contrastic – colour. Or for the easiest option, choose the stunning wallpaper on the right!

colour crazy


And for something COMPLETELY off the wall, try this crazy colour-coded pencil holder – I will spend the whole day sorting pencils. LOVE IT!

Happy ombré -ing!

germarie 200px

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