Turn your study into a guest room without breaking a sweat!

Hospitality is defined by the online dictionary as the “friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests…”.  It’s also synonymous with words such as kindness, warmth, and generosity.  It conjures images of a beautifully decorated guest room with fine linen and thoughtful touches, always at the ready for guests or even friends who came for dinner and stayed for breakfast. And who wouldn’t want to be received in that way and offer their guests the same warm-hearted welcome? Unfortunately, our families seem to fill our homes to the brim – no matter the size of either – and few of us have the luxury of a dedicated guest room, let alone cottage or suite.  So, we make do. We cozy up, accommodate our guests in the room that can be spared, and declare: “The more the merrier,” because South Africans are hospitable people. Here are a couple of tricks to quickly turn your nursery, TV room, playroom or study into a guest room that is as comfortable as possible and requires the least amount of effort on your part.

Tip #1 Embrace the sleeper couch

Smitten Magazine

I know, they take up a lot of space when all you really need is an armchair most of the time, but they are a life saver for that odd occasion when you really do need an extra bed.

I’ve had an exhausting look for alternative sleeping solutions for my own home the last few months and, unfortunately, I couldn’t find the traditional sleeper couches that form real couches and then fold out into real beds.  The stores are filled with futons – kind of a couch, but not nearly as comfy, and kind of a bed, but not nearly as big or comfy either.

One positive is that they fold out with absolute minimal effort, are generally very affordable and often have removable covers that you can throw in the wash.

Tip # 2 Don’t waste floor space when you can use the wall

Chances are, after adding a futon to the dual purpose room, there’s not much space left for a guest bedside table, and the desk or change table may not be in a good position to double as a place for guests to place a reading lamp, book or morning coffee.  In addition, the built-in-cupboard no doubt is also completely occupied, leaving them no space to pack out some clothing or a toiletry bag.


Here’s where wall mounted hooks and shelves come in very handy.  A low wall mounted shelf next to the futon doesn’t hold much but opens up just enough space to place a coffee cup, cell phone and pair of glasses.  The fact that it only held a few books or trinkets to start with, also means there’s less stuff to stash away before guests arrive.

Wall mounted hooks provide the ideal space for guests to hang a jacket, laptop or vanity bag, or freshly ironed evening wear, without taking up any floor space that could otherwise be put to good use.


Speaking of good use – the humble cube or ottoman is a firm dual purpose favorite of mine, as it can be used for seating, a coffee table or even a step ladder.  They’re also really light and easy to move around, and you can have removable covers made for them in a jiffy.

Reading lamps shouldn’t take up valuable space either, as they can be replaced with ceiling pendants on extended cords.  Consider adding ceiling brackets that allow you to move the pendant to a different spot in the room at a moment’s notice.

The Design Chaser

Tip #3 Don’t hold back on soft and small furnishings

I’m talking throws, oversized pillows, and mounted picture frames.  Just because the room serves two purposes, doesn’t mean it can’t still look every bit as pretty as a dedicated guest room would have.

The very same throws and large scatters you place on the futon as part of the room’s normal décor, can double up as a blanket or throw once the bed is made (white bed linen is your most versatile bet here), and maintain the room’s carefully designed harmony.

If you opt for two 60 x 60 scatters or even slightly larger, custom-made ones instead of the popular 45 x 45 ones, these can double as continental pillows when guests arrive and won’t take up any additional storage space.

Chica Flair

Finally, make an effort to get wall art that ties in with the décor of the space – even if it’s not in a place you’d see it all the time when the room is used as a study, for example.  If it’s in a place where guests see it when the futon is all made up, it will round off the room beautifully.

If your futon is a little worse for the wear or the wrong colour, you can have a removable, washable cover made for it like I did.  Alternatively, you can also have a traditional sleeper couch or single sleeper chair made up.  Get in touch if you’d like any of these soft furnishings made up, or need some space saving advice.

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Happy hosting!

bathroom decor essentials that will make you fall in love

I have a not-so-secret love affair with bathrooms.  My family knows that I cannot leave a restaurant before visiting the restroom to see what it looks like.  I do the same thing when visiting friends or even strangers for the first time.  When I was younger I sometimes snuck a peek into the bathroom cabinet if I thought I could do it quietly.  Now I just sniff the toiletries. Yes, it sounds creepy.

There are two perfectly valid reasons for doing this though:  In a restaurant, the level of cleanliness in the bathroom is, to my mind, an indication of the state of the kitchen.

The second is that being an interior decorator, I want to see whether they’ve managed to pull the restaurant or home’s décor theme or style into the lavatory.  The room everybody uses, but nobody really cares about.  The room with the least decorating possibilities – a toilet brush and towel isn’t much to work with.

The great thing about designing a room that has so little to work with, however, is that if you spend some time and money on the details, it’s bound to make a difference.

Being fully qualified then, as both a decorator and regular restroom visitor, I have put together a list of essentials for a well-functioning bathroom.  I’ve also thrown in a couple of bathroom décor ideas.

Bathroom Décor Essentials for a Room that Works

Fresh Towels

Possibly more important even than toilet paper (yes, that’s how strongly I feel about it), is a clean, dry towel to dry your freshly washed hands on.  Basically, wet towels that stay wet, start to smell and that smell never leaves the towel or the hands that used it.

One practical solution is hanging the hand towel close to a window, on a rail or hook where it isn’t bunched.  This way, it’s more likely to dry and less likely to smell.

Another practical and sophisticated alternative to a wet, stinky hand towel is a set of dry facecloths.  This gives bathroom visitors the option to hang the towel out to dry or to take a fresh one.

My Life From Home

A Practical Basin

I’m really sorry.  I know that beautiful square bathroom sinks with clean lines are very much on trend and suited to a variety of décor styles, but they’re just not practical.  Experience has taught that they don’t drain as you’d like them to, leaving you to wash out debris, scum and worse, bits of toothpaste from the basin at least once a day.

Stone basins are beautiful alternatives if you’re looking for something a little different, but make sure to get one that’s smooth and polished on the inside.  Any pores and dents on the inside of the hand basin offer a fantastic place for pieces of dirt and germs to collect.


Bathroom Decor Tip #1

The whole vanity stand offers opportunities to add special décor touches and becomes part of a sort of ritual everyone performs before leaving the bathroom.  So, make it an experience!

What does your décor theme smell like, for example? Is it a moist, earthy forest; a fresh ocean breeze; or a masculine, industrial smell? There are literally hundreds of options in hand soaps and creams with the most beautiful packaging and scents.

While one towel may not offer you much to work with in terms of décor, a collection of 10 small facecloths in a neat pile or pretty basket is quite a different story.  Most homeware stores sell them in plain or colourful bundles, so you can play around with the décor colours you want to incorporate.

Add to this a drying hook, and small laundry bin and you’ve managed to create a thoroughly enjoyable cleansing ritual.  Make your selection of bins and baskets from wicker, metal or plastic.  Tins and wooden bowls can also create unique hand towel displays.  Speaking of bowls – interesting trinket or soap dishes offer a finishing touch and speak volumes about the style of the room.

Finally, the wash basin: get it in any shape (except square!) in porcelain, stone or even metal.  Some restaurants also sport beautifully painted basins and if you’re not in the market for a new bathroom basin, you always have the wash stand to consider.  Here you can renovate it with either paint or mosaic tiles.

A Bin

This is a simple matter of common decency! Most people have had the need to dispose of something other than toilet paper in the bathroom – even if it’s just the empty toilet roll.

Save your guests, especially ladies, the embarrassment of having to find another place to dispose of the necessary and afford your family the opportunity to leave a tidy bathroom.

Good Lighting

Whether you’re shaving, waxing, or applying make-up, you need to be able to see what you’re doing in the mirror.  Of course, the existence of an essential bathroom mirror is assumed.

You certainly don’t have to go all out with a Hollywood-style dressing room mirror, but there are a variety of beautiful wall-mounted options if your overhead lighting doesn’t offer enough illumination.

Bathroom Décor Tip #2

Whether you’re installing a new overhead pendant or wall-mounted lights for your vanity, light fixtures offer a good opportunity to continue a décor theme that’s already been established in the bathroom or adjoining rooms.  Just make sure that your light fittings are installed by an electrician who can certify their safety in the bathroom.



This is a décor staple in terms of items that fulfill both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Unfortunately, the standard wall and basin cabinet usually doesn’t offer enough space for spare rolls of toilet paper, bathroom cleaning products and the odd cosmetics you only use every now and then.  Additional storage also stops your brightly coloured and sometimes jarring toiletry bottles from falling over, spilling, breaking and being sniffed by snoopy guests.

Bathroom Décor Tip #3

Don’t assume that accessories are only meant for living rooms.  In a bathroom, this can include hooks, cabinet trim, toilet roll holders and even an artwork or two.  Vacuum-sealed frames and keeping the room ventilated will stop prints and sketches from getting damaged.

Rue Mag

I hope this article has inspired you to start a love affair with your bathroom.  If you need a little match-making, I’m happy to assist with a bathroom décor consultation to create a bathroom that works.

Happy grooming!

Feature Image: Stephani Buchman Photography

Glorious rose gold and how to make it work in your décor

Rose gold first made its glorious appearance in our lives in the form of jewellery just a few years ago… or did it?

Actually, this mix of silver, gold and copper has been used to create striking, feminine jewellery for almost a century, but after resurfacing a few years ago, it made its way into home décor.

Then, when Pantone announced Rose Quartz as the colour of the year in 2016 (actually, it was part of a duo, but Serenity never stood a chance) and we saw how beautifully it went with its cousin, rose gold, there was no stopping this home décor trend.  To be honest, I couldn’t be more thrilled that it’s still going strong – I just love it when my jewellery matches my home decor, like this pretty little vanity mirror from Bathroom Butler!

rose gold

This gorgeous Rose Gold Classic Petite watch by Daniel Wellington is the perfect rose gold arm candy. Get yourself one here and by using the coupon code HOMEOLOGY, you’ll get 15% off* the purchase price!

Apart from complimenting rose quartz and dusty pink fantastically, rose gold also makes a gorgeous décor companion to white, black and grey. Another trend from the 1900’s that recently resurfaced is pairing rose gold with classic marble.

With that in mind, here are our top home décor trends in rose gold.

#1 Everyday Items

Or more accurately, everyday home items, that would not ordinarily have been considered decor, become beautiful décor accessories when touched with rose gold.  It’s a welcome addition to the home décor accessories list for purists who hold the opinion that everything in the home should have a purpose.


Succulents, right on trend with the current movement towards greenery, get a glamorous edge when displayed in rose gold and marble planters.

rose gold

French Country CottageWhere To Get; Raquike  ; Home Decorating Magazine

Other everyday items, from cutlery to fans, are also getting the rose gold treatment so there is no reason for you not to bring this trend home! A rose gold industrial style laundry basket would make a grand addition to even the plainest of bathrooms.  In fact, the plainer the better, as it gives this humble workhorse a moment in the spotlight. Another place I’d have never thought to incorporate a decor trend is the inside of a closet.  With the rise in popularity of walk-in cupboards and open-plan loft apartments, however, it’s opened up a market for beautiful coat hangers and more specifically, rose gold hangers.

#2 Soft Furnishings

Although rose gold is technically a metal, its popularity has caused manufacturers of soft furnishings refer to dusty pink or copper blush as rose gold. And who’s to argue, when rose gold accessories are paired with pale pink and rose gold foiled scatter cushions, and complement each other so beautifully?

The Ankit


Urban Outfitters

#3 Frames

Frames have long been manufactured in the popular material of the day, whether that’s reclaimed wood, gold, silver or rusty metal.  They’re an easy to use, affordable décor accessory for someone who wants to subtly integrate a current trend into their home without overhauling the whole room’s design. And sometimes, it’s as simple as taking a can spray paint to a vintage frame.

rose gold


#4 Wall Art

Rose gold foil is being used in the making of both wallpaper and its more affordable cousin, the framed print.  The latter is another easy way to add a touch of glamour to an otherwise plain room. Wallpaper offers the decorator or homeowner two opportunities: use it as a feature backdrop, or pick up on small rose gold elements already present in the room.



#5 Lighting

Changing a light fitting is a fairly simple procedure and can be a stylish way to finish off a room that contains touches of pink, light wood or rose gold. Creating a collection, where existing wiring permits, will fill a space and eliminate the need for unnecessary furniture and trinkets taking up floor and counter space.


rose gold


#6 Furniture

This is probably the most serious trend commitment and reserved for true rose gold enthusiasts.  The beauty of the slender, simply designed rose gold metal furniture that’s trending at the moment, is that they can be easily incorporated into any of the more paired down home designs that are still trending alongside it.  Grey and white walls and soft furnishings create the ideal backdrop for a rose gold feature piece to light up a room.

Sarah Sherman Samuel

rose gold

Inspired by This

There are hundreds of ways to embrace the rose gold décor trend for those with just the slightest adventurous spirit. In a time where unisex and simple are buzz-words, it can be a welcome touch of glamorous femininity for the romantic at heart.

Happy decorating!

Feature image: Nicole Davis Interiors

*Daniel Wellington promotion: the 15% discount code HOMEOLOGY promo is valid till 31May17


5 Tips To Maximise Cupboard Space on a Budget

When we bought our first home, we were so mesmerised by the gorgeous country-style garden and quaint, eclectic interior that we didn’t notice the main bedroom had no built-in-cupboard.  Strange, but true. All it had, was a teeny-tiny walk-in-cupboard, for hangers only, and a mouldy, too shallow, in places door-less, DIY cupboard-cum-day bed around the window.

So, almost three years later, we set out to do some DIY of our own and transformed the four-square-meter walk-in hanging closet into a legitimate walk-in-wardrobe.

Creating additional storage in your home is about fitting as much as possible into what limited space you have available, which is usually as tiny a space as possible.

At the same time, it’s about creating a sense of peace and order in your home.  If you’ve ever packed a cupboard, you’ll know all too well that these two objectives tend to be at odds.  Knowing where to find what you need without having to unpack everything else, while keeping it looking tidy.  All in limited space.  It’s a delicate balance.

Here’s what we did

Our bathroom has a Victorian-Industrial feel and we wanted to bring that into the adjoining wardrobe with as little effort and material as possible. This meant giving the space a fresh coat of white paint once all the old fittings were removed, and using pre-cut, unstained pine boards.

We paired these two neutrals with black, industrial-looking brackets and matt black curtain railings to serve as curtain rods.

Finally, off-white woven baskets served perfectly to sort tall stacks of clothing and other odds and ends.

From a décor perspective, the baskets also softened the hard wood and metal surfaces, and added a warm touch to the wardrobe.

5 Tips to make the most of a small cupboard

#1 Keep it simple

Don’t be tempted to rush off to your nearest home store and buy the first storage solution they offer.

Sometimes, you have to plan in order to keep things simple, which is why you need to draw some plans, take measurements (at least three times!) and have a fully formed idea in your head before buying a single thing.  When measuring your shelf height, be sure to add enough space to get your hands in there to slide baskets or remove a piece of clothing from the bottom of the pile.

Then set off to the shops to find the best suited, most timeless pieces to achieve your goals, like pre-cut wood and pretty storage baskets.

In order to keep it simple, we also decided not to install doors, which is where the baskets came in handy.  Not only do cupboard doors create so much more margin for error with a DIY project, but they also push up your costs, take up space and can get in the way when you need to decide what to wear in a hurry.

#2 Make it easy to keep it tidy

In part, this relates to the colour scheme you select.  If you’re making the most of an already cluttered space, lots of jarring colours definitely won’t create the sense of peace and order you’re after.

If all neutrals strike you as too bland, you can always add a colourful carpet and light fixture when you’re done.

High stacks of folded clothing can also become real messy real soon. This is another place where the baskets come in very handy.  If you pack the most frequently used items in easy to reach places, the baskets can hold those thick jerseys that tend to make the pile topple or items like socks and underwear that need to be contained.

In addition, open baskets keep things looking clean and uniform by hiding all the different colours in the wardrobe. Labelling your uniform baskets allows you to find what you need at a glance.  Laminating the labels allows you to change them when you change things in your cupboard around.

#3 Light!

If you can’t see what you have in your cupboard at a glance, you’re going to be frustrated, late and untidy.  This is another reason why one should opt for lighter colours on the walls and shelves.

Getting an interesting light fixture is a great opportunity to play around with the décor if you feel the space needs a bit of pizzazz.  No matter the fixture you get, however, make sure it has a strong lamp that gets to every corner.

#4 Leave no wall unturned…

Unless you’re adorning it with a beautiful artwork, of course, think of ways to use every inch of the wall.  Be careful, however, not to put shelves on every wall if that will leave too little breathing room.

If that’s the case, rather consider hooks or railings that take up less space, but allow you to hang anything from tomorrow’s outfit or your bathrobe, to shoe racks.

Another surface that can be re-used, is a door with a mirror mounted on the one side. If you happen to have an open space directly opposite this mirror you can mount one on both sides to get a dressing-room effect.

#5 Dual purpose items

These are items that take up the space of one thing, but serve the purpose of two.  For example, the little ottoman in our walk-in-cupboard serves as both a seat when you do your make-up or put your shoes on, as well as a step to reach the top shelves.

It looks pretty, unlike an unsightly step-ladder, and you don’t have to keep hiding it away and unfolding it again.  Being able to reach your top shelves with no effort at all, means your cupboard is much more likely to work for you.

If you need help fitting a whole lot into tiny spaces, and want to make it look good at the same time, get in touch with me for a consultation.

Happy packing!

How to create your own minimalist decor in 5 easy stages

In the spirit of decluttering and living simpler lives, we look at an entire design movement based on those very principles: Minimalism.

Minimalism spans across all the art and design disciplines and is described as a pared-down, post-WWII movement.  “Pared-down” is a term decorators love to throw around while sounding very sophisticated, so I had a look at exactly what it meant.

Oxford defines paring down as “trimming off the outer edges and reducing something in size“. Importantly, it emphasizes a gradual process and the use of “small, successive stages”.  And therein lies the key to minimalist décor.


Minimalism is a process

At its very core, it’s a movement that seeks to facilitate a calm, more focused and thoughtful life.  To get completely carried away then, and start tossing out all trinkets, colours and even curtains, doesn’t seem rational.

Instead, start with a single room and plan to pare it down in four to five stages over a couple of weeks.  This gives you the opportunity to live in the space and see how much or little you really need.

Stage 1

Make a list of everything you simply cannot do without or never want to part with.  Bear in mind that 95% of these items should serve a practical purpose.

Stephanie Sterjovski. Practical use items serve as decor items.

Stage 2

Take a good look at the room and remove everything you dislike, that’s run its course or that you know serves absolutely no purpose – not even a decorative one.  All the things that immediately jump out at you and disturb your peace, clearly need to go.  Don’t throw it away just yet, though.

Louise Whitehouse

Stage 3

Revisit the list of things you simply cannot do without.  You’ll probably find that you’ve grown a little less sentimental in the process and can remove a a few more items.  This is the tough part where you need to be a little brutal!

Tessa Neustadt. 

Stage 4

Now, look at what you’re left with and see if there is anything you need, but no longer have and make a list of these things.  Consider whether any of the items you’ve throw out can serve this purpose, but steer clear of putting more than one or two items back.  Perhaps you got rid of a tired chair in Stage 2, but instead of buying a new one, you can have it reupholstered in quieter tones.

My Domaine

Stage 5

Finally, throw out the old things and go shopping for new, minimalist furniture and décor items.  It’s very important to have a clear idea of what you need.  Make the purchase only once you’ve found the exact item for the purpose.  Don’t try to finish this process in a single day – you’re likely to end up with a maxed-out credit card, duplicate items, and buyer’s remorse!

What minimalist décor looks like

Much of what we currently see in décor stores and magazines, can be considered minimalist décor.  Industrial and Scandinavian designs specifically, exhibit the clean, straight lines and shapes that minimalism totes.  Simple, natural materials such as glass, metal and wood are favoured and the emphasis is on form and texture, rather than the liberal use of colour and pattern.

Design Boom

In addition, a furniture piece that can perform two functions, like being both practical and decorative, is a winner.

As a decorator, I strongly feel, however, that it should be approached with caution.  Many of the items you’ve bought and have held onto, are deer because they say something about who you are. When achieving minimalism, we are not trying to empty ourselves and become a blueprint, but rather strip away that which hides our true selves.

Apartment Therapy.  A mirror doubles as a jewellery stand, and small stack of books on the floor means that no bookshelf is needed.

Why go minimalist, then?

Unless you’ve already purged, you’re sure to have a lot of stuff you don’t want or need.  It’s a great excuse to get rid of all these things.

A less cluttered, more serene space should give you a deepened sense of contentment, knowing that your space isn’t filled with things that drain your energy.  It creates an awareness that you have a measure of control over the things you let into your home, and on a broader level, your life.

Home Oh My

And, if nothing else, you’ll have a blank canvas to fill with new beautiful things if the minimalist lifestyle doesn’t do it for you.

Sometimes the process itself can be rather an overwhelming one, where you end up getting rid of very little. If you’d like a practiced, objective third party’s assistance, get in touch with me for a minimalist décor consultation.

Happy paring down!

Featured image: Casa Cook

4 essentials if you want to decorate like Gatsby

It’s the early 1920s, New York. You have a lovely estate in Long Island and friends are always popping in for the most extravagant parties, thrown together on a whim. WWI is now officially history and a culture of escapism has emerged. Escape from the war and escape from the industrious factory work that won the war and now brings higher wages, automobiles and radio to the masses.

Suits and Ski Prats

VS Mag

House Beautiful

ZsaZsa Bellagio

People are drunk with wealth and these marvels of the new industries and throw themselves into lifestyles of Jazz, parties and ornately decorated homes that indicate their sophistication and social standing.

Art Deco is born

In celebration of modern life and the machine age – the ability to mould and shape hard metals and stone into new shapes – homes sport a mix of mass-produced goods and uniquely created items of opulence. Abstract, geometric forms and sleek design materials such as metal and marble are commonplace in every home.

Now that have you have the background, let’s decorate like Gatsby, today!



Matellics in the décor world have experienced a revival in recent years and 2017 is no exception. Instead of the more paired down old gold and copper we’ve become comfortable with, try a braver, more dazzling approach by incorporating one slick, shiny item such as a mirrored server or drinks trolley. Crystal embellishments are also completely appropriate.



In the 1920’s, green was a popular colour due to the green marble and verdite they used in so many of their homes and decorative items. Today we’re still all about green, but for different reasons. Today, we embrace Greenery for its calming, healing qualities and because it’s a reminder that we should consider nature and its well-being – even in fashion. Green also happens to be the colour of the light at the end of Daisy’s dock.


Dusty Pink

Introduced last year as Rose Quartz, it’s still a popular and versatile colour, which speaks to tolerance and love. In the 1920’s pink was commonplace due to the granite Art Deco loved to use. It also goes a long way in softening the harsh, geometric metal shapes of this décor style.

Decor Pad

Houzz, Ceasarstone

Mass Produced Flowers

Along the lines of embracing nature, we’ve also seen a revival of floral arrangements and motifs in our homes and more recently, artificial flowers in popular home stores. While we may look back on this particular trend with shame a few years down the line, they’re an economical addition if you don’t want to keep replacing the real deal.


Gatsby Decor-In-A-Box

I’ve had a look around our local homeware stores for a couple of items that fit neatly into these four key elements and came up with the following design.


Geometric 52 Wall Art, Superbalist – R 99

Geometric Wall Art, Superbalist – R 99

New York Wall Art, Superbalist – R 99

Austen Chandelier, The Lighting Warehouse – R 3, 499

Mirror and Steel Sideboard, United Furniture Outlet – R 5,999

Domain Trolley, @home – R 3, 999

Green Marble Clock, @home – R 449

Iris Armchair in Andie Rosa, Sofacompany – R 6,599

Mini Rose Bouquet in white, Mr Price Home – R 49,99

Blush Glass Vase, Superbalist – R 299

Single Stem Hydrangea Flower in white, Mr Price Home – R 69,99

If you’d like to get a Gatsby or any other theme decor boxed shipped to your front door, get in touch with me.

Feature image source Annandale Wallpapers

Happy Gatsby-ing!

Bored in the bedroom? Here are 5 quick fixes to bring the romance back!

The master bedroom. It should be a little piece of honeymoon that never ended.  A place that reminds you how significant your other is, flaws and quirks included.  A place that’s always ready for romance. But what can do to bring the romance back once it’s gone?

I’m not talking about the red and white hearts and scented candles kind of romance.  Banish that that idea from your head. For now. I’m not talking about frills, finials, and crystal chandeliers either.  I’m talking about comforts.  The small touches that speak to you and your partner’s senses and true desires. Whether that’s opulent or rustic, is up to you. Here’s how you can use decor to engage all five senses in your romantic bedroom endeavours.

Touch:  Good Bed Linen

Good linen means so much more than seven pretty scatters and three throws (in fact, many people loathe making their way through a mountain of scatters before getting anywhere near the bed).

White Home 

Good bed linen is preferably made from all-natural fibres like cotton or linen, and have a high thread count of at least 200.  Good sheets should make you feel something when lying on them – whether that’s the cool, crisp kiss of Egyptian cotton; or the warm, luxurious caress of a sateen weave.

If you want to add a throw to create a colour contrast, opt for something that’s relatively light (thick, heavy blankets may be great in winter, but they don’t have much sex appeal), feels good against your skin and that’s big enough for two people to cuddle under.

I love @Home’s Egyptian cotton sheets and duvets for their rich colours and silky feel!



Sight:  Lighting

Again, forget for a moment about the candles you take out once in a blue moon to create some atmosphere and a possible fire hazard.  Layered lighting should always be considered when decorating a bedroom.  It needs both bright lighting for reading and getting dressed, as well as soft, mood lighting to unwind and create an everyday romantic atmosphere.



Mood lighting can be created and adjusted to your preference with the use of dim bedside lamps, block-out or gauzy curtains (depending on how dark you like your romance) and a beautiful chandelier or light feature for effect.  If you have dimmers installed in your overhead lighting, you can use bedside lamps for task lighting and adjust the overhead lighting to suit your mood.  And remember, crisp white lighting has no place in your home – always use warm white light bulbs for the bedroom.

Smell:  Fresh & Clean

This is one place where guesthouse and hotel bedrooms have a winning formula.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t appreciate the inviting smell of clean linen.  You don’t have to wash your sheets every day to create this effect, though.


At The Picket Fence

Some fabric detergent brands smell fantastic and leave a subtle hint of washing behind, and there’s also a wide range of linen sprays and mists you can use when making the bed every day.

Consider your partner’s taste and any possible allergies when selecting your linen mist and bear in mind that natural scents are more likely to create a clean, fresh scent than overly sweet ones.


The elements which evoke amorous emotions in people are as varied as there are romantic partners.  Remind one another of your shared love and memories by putting up some framed pictures of the two of you.  Or place a couple of trinkets and memorabilia from places you visited together as simple, stylish décor items.



Chelsea Petaja

Sweet Dreams

When dreaming up your ideal bedroom, think of the things you and your partner both value. Think if your dreams and lifestyle goals.  Then try to incorporate some of those elements into your sacred romantic space, whether this is a slick, technology driven bedroom or a haven enmeshed in nature.

Here’s are examples of both a rustic, nature-inspired and a minimalist, modern bedroom. Both very different, but very romantic.


Unique Home Stays


Rikki Snyder

Now that you have the bedroom décor basics to create an everyday romantic space, feel free to lavish on the scented candles, romantic music and beautifully set trays of treats and toys to indulge the rest of your senses for special occasions.  The world is your oyster.  Just make sure your partner isn’t allergic to shellfish.


I’ve put together a mood board with my favourite bedroom decor pieces that arouse the senses. If you need to redo your own bedroom, allow me to put it together for you and bring the romance back! Just contact me here for more info!


Weylandts Gyro Chandelier

Weylandts Antiqued Brass Task Lamp

@Home Emperor Boarder Pillow Case

Jo Malone Acqua Di Limone Scent Surround Linen Spray

@Home Grey Wolf Fax Fur Throw

Woolworths Ornate Metal Inlay Tray

Happy Decorating!

Feature image source Honestly WTF