Bath Rubber Yuckies

I wanted to do a post on cleaning bath toys since I am now able to see the black gunk inside the kids’ rubber ducks. But to my great shock and disappointment, it seems that little rubber squirty toys are cesspits of bacteria and other nasties that should be avoided at all costs. Sure, squirting out all water after bath time prevents mold for a while and you can go through great effort to clean with vinegar, dish-washing liquid or bleach, but ultimately they cannot be cleaned completely and safely. {I don’t want to go into too much detail – you can read it here}.

If course, NOT having toys in the bath is not an option so here are some {safer!} alternatives.

1} Avoid PVC and any toy that has a hole in it.

2} if you can’t avoid that, then make sure that throw it away as soon as it gets moldy.

4} close the hole in the bottom of the toy with a glue gun will prevent water from getting in like the ladies at We Love Being Moms.

5} measuring cups, spoons, buckets and spades make for great toys

6} if your kids insist on squirting water at bath time, then a baster or large plastic syringe from the pharmacy makes for a great water gun

7] ELC {Early Learning Centre} at Woolworths have amazing stacking cups and other cool bath toys

I am not one for over-protecting my kids – we grew up with plastic in the bath and we are {mostly!} fine. But unfortunately I cannot stand gunk, so out with the rubber ducks here I am afraid!



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