Bored in the bedroom? Here are 5 quick fixes to bring the romance back!


The master bedroom. It should be a little piece of honeymoon that never ended.  A place that reminds you how significant your other is, flaws and quirks included.  A place that’s always ready for romance. But what can do to bring the romance back once it’s gone?

I’m not talking about the red and white hearts and scented candles kind of romance.  Banish that that idea from your head. For now. I’m not talking about frills, finials, and crystal chandeliers either.  I’m talking about comforts.  The small touches that speak to you and your partner’s senses and true desires. Whether that’s opulent or rustic, is up to you. Here’s how you can use decor to engage all five senses in your romantic bedroom endeavours.

Touch:  Good Bed Linen

Good linen means so much more than seven pretty scatters and three throws (in fact, many people loathe making their way through a mountain of scatters before getting anywhere near the bed).

White Home 

Good bed linen is preferably made from all-natural fibres like cotton or linen, and have a high thread count of at least 200.  Good sheets should make you feel something when lying on them – whether that’s the cool, crisp kiss of Egyptian cotton; or the warm, luxurious caress of a sateen weave.

If you want to add a throw to create a colour contrast, opt for something that’s relatively light (thick, heavy blankets may be great in winter, but they don’t have much sex appeal), feels good against your skin and that’s big enough for two people to cuddle under.

I love @Home’s Egyptian cotton sheets and duvets for their rich colours and silky feel!



Sight:  Lighting

Again, forget for a moment about the candles you take out once in a blue moon to create some atmosphere and a possible fire hazard.  Layered lighting should always be considered when decorating a bedroom.  It needs both bright lighting for reading and getting dressed, as well as soft, mood lighting to unwind and create an everyday romantic atmosphere.



Mood lighting can be created and adjusted to your preference with the use of dim bedside lamps, block-out or gauzy curtains (depending on how dark you like your romance) and a beautiful chandelier or light feature for effect.  If you have dimmers installed in your overhead lighting, you can use bedside lamps for task lighting and adjust the overhead lighting to suit your mood.  And remember, crisp white lighting has no place in your home – always use warm white light bulbs for the bedroom.

Smell:  Fresh & Clean

This is one place where guesthouse and hotel bedrooms have a winning formula.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t appreciate the inviting smell of clean linen.  You don’t have to wash your sheets every day to create this effect, though.


At The Picket Fence

Some fabric detergent brands smell fantastic and leave a subtle hint of washing behind, and there’s also a wide range of linen sprays and mists you can use when making the bed every day.

Consider your partner’s taste and any possible allergies when selecting your linen mist and bear in mind that natural scents are more likely to create a clean, fresh scent than overly sweet ones.


The elements which evoke amorous emotions in people are as varied as there are romantic partners.  Remind one another of your shared love and memories by putting up some framed pictures of the two of you.  Or place a couple of trinkets and memorabilia from places you visited together as simple, stylish décor items.



Chelsea Petaja

Sweet Dreams

When dreaming up your ideal bedroom, think of the things you and your partner both value. Think if your dreams and lifestyle goals.  Then try to incorporate some of those elements into your sacred romantic space, whether this is a slick, technology driven bedroom or a haven enmeshed in nature.

Here’s are examples of both a rustic, nature-inspired and a minimalist, modern bedroom. Both very different, but very romantic.


Unique Home Stays


Rikki Snyder

Now that you have the bedroom décor basics to create an everyday romantic space, feel free to lavish on the scented candles, romantic music and beautifully set trays of treats and toys to indulge the rest of your senses for special occasions.  The world is your oyster.  Just make sure your partner isn’t allergic to shellfish.


I’ve put together a mood board with my favourite bedroom decor pieces that arouse the senses. If you need to redo your own bedroom, allow me to put it together for you and bring the romance back! Just contact me here for more info!


Weylandts Gyro Chandelier

Weylandts Antiqued Brass Task Lamp

@Home Emperor Boarder Pillow Case

Jo Malone Acqua Di Limone Scent Surround Linen Spray

@Home Grey Wolf Fax Fur Throw

Woolworths Ornate Metal Inlay Tray

Happy Decorating!

Feature image source Honestly WTF

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