Botanical inspired party ideas

I am BIG on parties and believe we don’t take enough time out to really celebrate life and each other.

It’s my birthday in exactly one weeks time and this usually sends me in to a slightly hysterical party planning mode.

This year I’m keeping it simple (maybe that comes with age) but it’s still going to be pretty big. I come from a family that loves entertaining and it’s really part of my DNA.

After doing some research on the matter I found some lovely leafy party ideas I just had to share in this month of botanicals on Homeology.

Set the tone

Treat yourself to printed stationary that fits the theme of the event. It creates excitement and gives your guests an idea of what to expect.



Place your table in a beautiful setting and you’re half way there! Use a leafy runner and metallic plates for a bit of bling that will add grandeur to the affair.


Sit back and relax

The combination of the exposed wooden table surface combined with a Eucalyptus runner is simply gorgeous. Fill in the gaps with other leafy finds to add texture to the center piece. Alternatively you can use ferns like in the picture bottom right or bunch up branches to form a chandelier. Just make double sure that the leaves don’t wilt and loose their luster and use a hardy variety.



Crowning glory

It’s a well known fact that people love to dress up for a party. It’s a bit like stepping into character for the night. Make floral or leafy wreaths for the guests to wear and feel like a group of mystical forest fairies for an evening. The wreaths looks great hung around chairs on arrival with a name tag and make lovely party favors.


Balloon garland

Try this easy and inexpensive party trick of combining balloons and flowers. It’s a fresh approach to an old party favorite and will add colour and a pop of fun to your event.


Lovely strings

This is a toned down version that takes all the sweat out of having to blow up balloons. Simply string up flowers or leaves from a branch and use it as a back drop to your table setting. Hang it up high enough so that little kitties don’t get tempted to have a go at it.


A party without cake is just a meeting

My favourite party trick is to dress a simple store-bought cake. Use fresh flowers, leaves and berries to celebrate the season.


Personalized gift wrap

Give a memorable gift by wrapping it in the theme of the party like these simple brown paper gifts tied up with string, foliage and a photograph. Make it even more special by adding a photograph of you and the host or hostess for a lasting impression.


So here’s to all of my fellow birthday mates! May you have a lovely autumn birthday filled with happiness and the people you love.

Happy styling,


Have you tried this yet? Please share your experience!

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