Pretty Playroom Makeover for Playful Young Minds

It’s finally here – the playroom we’ve been tweaking over this past month. Thanks to Builders Warehouse we made a couple of handy additions to the playroom all by ourselves! We absolutely love going to Builders Warehouse, the BIGGER, the BETTER! They have everything from paint and hardware, to home-ware, gardening goodies and even décor.


playroom overall view

We started off with the most prominent part of the playroom: the media console. The TV-stand took one full day to complete, and it was a bit of a challenge due to nearly-defeating flu-season. Unfortunately, no one I know proved immune this year (holding thumbs for next year). The full tutorial will follow next week, so keep an eye out for it!

The cute little denim storage baskets were the perfect thing to complete the TV stand. You can honestly never have too much storage in a playroom. Or any room for that matter!

With the TV-stand all set-up, our belt-shelf could finally take its place with pride. This is one of the most cost-effective storage solutions we’ve created to date. It’s perfect to store items out of reach from curious little fingertips. See the hanging shelf tutorial here.



Two of our favourite items on the hanging shelves are the Anthropologie-inspired Boho baskets. I love how the pompoms add a soft touch to the boys’ playroom, and it was so easy to make! If you feel like updating your own tired baskets, see the Boho Basket How-To here.

wallpapered wall with hanging shelving

We thought the wallpaper was a bit much when we saw it in Builders Warehouse, but as soon as we started with the installation, we realised that it was perfect! We know: lucky us, right? Doing your own wallpaper installation can be tricky, which is why you need a little guidance. It was my first installation, but fortunately, Germarie has quite a bit of wallpapering experience. Get expert tips and wallpaper installation advice here, – we even made a video!

We love the result! The wallpaper looks so impressive next to the kids’ teal lockers!




An absolute must-have in any home is a fluffy carpet! Red is the perfect colour with a vibrancy that will launch the kids into play heaven. Plush fibers are so inviting that everyone just ends up spending time on the ruby rug instead of the sofa. Which is a sofa bed, by the way. You can also never have too many beds for sleep-overs! I put a denim cover on the seat of this one to protect the fabric from little monsters 😉


Tassels and pompoms are what dreams are made of! Well, mine are. Home Fabrics was kind enough to give us this pretty pompom fabric (Bambino Chouchou in Sky) for an Ideas project we did recently (soon to be published in Ideas Junior!). Luckily, we had some left over for cushions for the playroom. I love the brightness these scatter cushions add to the room like little clouds of delight!

Germarie recently received a cute little cushion from Mary Interior Decorator and, by sheer serendipity, it matched our colour scheme! Lucky again! So, naturally, it had to form part of the playful space. We love it!


The playroom is nearly complete, with only an enormous world map and photo gallery still missing. We’ll be sure to post those as soon as they arrive! For now, the canvas (made from a shower curtain!) is hanging on the world map’s place. It’s enormous and has a colourful geometric print – perfect for this huge wall! To make your own oversized wall art, just follow the canvas DIY here.

Kids Study Corner

Speaking about art, kids should have an area where they can explore their creative side. Often a floor will suffice, but with eager little artists, organising is key. The study corner doubles as a young artist’s refuge. A small polka-dot mat makes the corner feel special and a touch unique. See the quick tutorial here.

industrial tap hold-backs


Oh, and of course these darling little curtains hold-backs are the easiest thing! Made by fixing an industrial tap to a u-bracket, they look great in this fun room!

That’s it! We are super happy with the playroom – but of course, more importantly, so are the kids. The ample storage makes it easier for them to keep their things off the floor and mom happy. Bonus!

Happy Playing!

All materials for this project were generously sponsored by Builders Warehouse.

Home Tour: Welcome to Homeology Studio!

I have been working on Homeology for more than four years now. When I look back, I am amazed at how my little business has grown! When I started out, I renovated our dilapidated garden cottage with the help of my dad and one of his dearest friends, who happens to be a carpenter. I worked in my newly renovated studio for a few years and loved it! It was a magical place with plenty of creativity and some great ideas and projects. But after a series of break-ins, the place lost its sparkle for me, and I found it hard to spend my time there.

Throw a new baby into the mix, and you’re left with an abandoned and sad space that doubles as a storeroom where things go to die. Until recently that is! Tenille and I set out to bring new life into our workshop and studio space with the generous help of Builders warehouse. Here’s our ELABORATE shopping trip!

So without any further delay, here is the new, updated, super awesome Homeology Studio!


workshop studio

The studio is tiny at about 30sqm, which suits our needs perfectly. We need a workshop area to make stuff, and a shooting area. The first order of business was a new chipboard floor to keep the cold air, dust, and critters out! This was also the biggest job by far that took a whole day to accomplish. And my goodness, those boards are super heavy!

The Workshop

makita drill workbench

This is where stuff gets done! A place for everything and everything in its place. We have a fabulous new workbench at the centre of everything. The rest of the space is taken up storage for the incredible amount of tools and materials we have amassed.

The Shooting Area


This is where the magic that we created in the workshop gets pimped and shot! All white walls and floor, and beautiful daylight flooding in through the windows.


The biggest addition to the space by far were the two skylights. It was also the most horrendous job to get done! After the ceiling sheets were installed, we had to cut through the ceiling insulation. This might seem straightforward enough, but when said ceiling contains a multitude of mice nests, it becomes a disgusting, stinky job! None the less, it was totally worth it. Our studio is now filled with beautiful light!


We have two pegboards, two lockers, an Indonesian teak chest of drawers, shelving & an antique armoire. And as ever, we probably need more storage because really, can you ever have enough?

Sewing Corner

We don’t do too much sewing, but when we do, it usually involves large pieces of fabric! This little corner of the studio has a big table and all the thread, bobbins, fabric and scissors we could possibly need.


Yes, we have a bit of an obsession with tea, and we’re not fighting it at all! While we don’t have a kettle for the moment, this is something we plan to remedy very soon. A flask filled with hot water works for now.


Thanks for taking the tour of our studio! We promise to show you what we up to regularly, behind the scenes as well as in front of the cameras!

All materials for this project were generously sponsored by Builders Warehouse.

HOME TOUR: An arty home with colour to the max

You have seen the beautiful food posts that my sister, Anélle, has been creating. Now it’s time for me to show you the Maker & Baker’s home! Anélle lives with her husband, Nelius, and two kids in a 1970’s home that will soon be brought into the new century. And of course, I will show you the update once it’s done! But for now, have a look at this self-proclaimed colour lover’s family home.

colourful tablecloth with roses


We bought the house from family friends when we returned from the UK 3 years ago. It had tremendous potential, so when we heard that it was on the market, we immediately put it an offer.


We replaced the floors in the living areas and revamped the kitchen. My brother-in-law is a builder, so when he was commisioned to build someone a new kitchen, he removed the nearly new kitchen, and we repurposed it here!

bright home


We’re planning a major overhaul in the front of the house. We’re going to change rooms around – I look forward to sharing that with you once it’s done!



My Smeg oven – no doubt!


home tour colourful

colourful home



That’s always the first thing that draws my attention. If I see something I like, I try to work it into our home. Most of our furniture is from the UK where we lived for 14 years. My husband also makes a lot of stuff – he’s very handy! I’m always on the lookout for something beautiful and colourful.


I love our living room. It’s the most colourful, and I enjoy it most during the day when the light falls through the windows. I also love my office and the kitchen because of the natural light.

sofa with cushions

colourful carpet and crochet blanket


Bubbly in the fridge. Because you never know when you might want to celebrate!


The house has many old-fashioned and sometimes ugly features, and I still struggle to make them functional and look beautiful. Luckily, all of those remnants from another era will go when we renovate.

fireplace, ladder and blanket

Mexican throw bedroom


Our home is a friendly and joyous space. Or that’s what we’re aiming for, at least!

cosy study corner
I used old London tube maps and Modge Podge to cover my tired desk chair and the handles on the filing cabinets.

diy filing cabinet

red filing cabinet underground map

painting on hanger


Be bold! Don’t be afraid to play with colour. Even if you’re not sure whether something will work, try it anyway. Our home has a strong Mexican influence because we go there at least once a year for business, but as long as it’s colourful, it can work – no matter where it’s from.

vintage quilt with hat

vintage bedroom

For more of Anélle’s gorgeous cakes and delicacies, have a look at our FOOD section!

HOME TOUR: A grand Victorian filled with art and character

I first saw artists Ronel and Gerhard Human’s inspiring home when I dropped my boys off for a playdate late last year. Both living and working space, it is filled with curated items, vintage furniture, heirlooms, and lots and lots of art. There is so much personality in this house that I asked Ronel if I could photograph it and do a home tour, to which she graciously agreed. Here’s the story of the family home that they share with their two young boys and two dachshunds.

house tour human

How long have you lived here?

We bought the house two years ago. The character and the high ceilings quickly sealed the deal for us. We moved to Paarl from Simon’s Town where we had a much smaller place, so the size and flow of the house were amazing. The quality of the construction of the house was another plus: the old houses were still built with such attention to detail. The window frames, doorjambs, ceiling details, everything is made from good, solid materials. Modern homes are built with speed in mind; these were still built without rushing to complete the job, with quality being a priority.

house tour human

The amazing thing about these old homes is that they have been constructed with the elements in mind. The layout allows for a cross-breeze to cool things down in summer, while the warm heat raises up to the ceiling. And in winter, the rooms can close to contain the heat, so the natural temperature control in the house is excellent.

house tour human

Have you done a lot of renovations since you bought the house?

Overall the house was in great condition, but the colours were not us – everything was cream, so we had to paint a lot. I believe that you truly own a place only once you’ve painted; that’s when it starts to feel like your own. Paint makes such a huge difference! At first, we tried to paint ourselves, but the walls are so high that we only painted one wall each and then decided to get help! We also took the carpets out and found fantastic wooden floors underneath.

house tour human

The renovation is a gradual process. We do what we can on a budget, and paint is the one thing that makes the most significant difference.

house tour human

What other changes are you planning?

There are things that I would have liked to have done quicker, like breaking down the wall in the kitchen. I want to add French doors between the living room and the kitchen and add some pendants above the kitchen table. I also want to install a gas stove at some point. But for now, we love the kitchen.  I especially love the charcoal walls in the kitchen (Spookwind from Midas). It creates such a beautiful background for the white and green tones. The previous owner’s wife wanted to rip out the cabinets and redo it, but thankfully they ended up not doing it. So these are still the original cabinets installed in the 60’s.

house tour human

house tour human

We like things that are handmade, that have been passed down, and that has a story. And vintage items, quality things that have been well made.

house tour human

What are your favourite items in your home?

There are a lot of special art pieces, things that Gerhard made for me. Many of our paintings were also given to us by artist friends, and these are not replaceable. Our carpets are also very special to us. I love a beautiful handmade rug on a wooden floor.

house tour human

house tour human

house tour human

What are must-haves in your home?

I can’t imagine my home without art or plants. Plants are so important; they give life to a space. Gerhard has green fingers; he cultivated the potted Yellow Wood in the kitchen from a small seedling.

house tour human

What was the biggest challenge that you faced in this house?

The biggest challenge in this house was the studio. It used to be a stoep that was closed in the 50’s or 60’s. They covered the floor with Novilon and painted the walls in blue! The light in there is incredible, so it was the perfect space for my work. There is also another room adjacent that we are using for our graphic design work. We painted the walls and lifted the vinyl to have a cement floor put in. Once we started the work, the renovators made such a mess that it took the fun out of the project. There were a lot of mistakes and things that had to be fixed afterwards. But now it’s a great space. We spend most of our time as a family in the kitchen or the living room, and the kids also spend time with me in my studio, drawing or colouring.

Credit Ronel Human

house tour human

What advice would you give to someone wanting to create a similar look?

Everyone has a unique taste in art and things that they like, and it’s important that your home shows that. We love to support local artisans instead of buying mass-produced. We love unique handmade items, something with a story and history and something that has meaning. I also prefer natural fibres and raw materials. In that way, it’s sustainable as well. Decorating your home is a personal thing because it’s your personal space.

house tour human

house tour human

Have a look at Ronel’s art here and follow her Instagram account here. You can also follow Gerhard’s work here.

Home Tour: See the Wilkinson’s Vintage Farmhouse with a French Twist

The Wilkinson’s have lived on Le Bonheur wine estate for the last 5 months. In spite of their fairly recent move, the house has an amazingly comfortable and lived-in feel that attracted me to it immediately.  William is the winemaker on the estate and shares the house with his very creative wife, Belinda and their 5-year old boy, Turner. This home is filled with little styled vignettes that are evidence of Belinda’s keen eye for detail and her love of beautiful things. I spend a cold and overcast morning with Belinda, chatting about her approach to interior design over plenty of tea.

home tour

Q: What is your philosophy or approach to decorating your home?

BW: I believe that you must use what you’ve got, to make it work. You don’t need the most expensive furniture or accessories. I also love to use natural elements like flowers and natural fabrics.

Q: What is your favourite room in your home?

The living room. It’s a great space with lots of light – and of course, these high windows!

Q: How would you describe your style?

The term is probably eclectic. It’s a bit of French, some farm, a little boho. It’s got African elements mixed in as well. A lot of our furniture pieces are antiques or inherited pieces, so there is a lot of history in it.

Q: What do you always have in your home?

Plants and greenery! Green is my favourite colour and leaves from outside are free.

Q: What is the biggest challenge that you faced in your home? 

To actually make the space livable and pretty! Apart from the windows and the patio with the vine, it didn’t have a lot going for it. Our things are quite big and bold, so luckily it filled the space. The tiles in the living/dining room were also a challenge. I was used to having pressed ceilings and wooden floors. I really don’t like the stairs and that’s something we hope to change in the future.

Q: What is the next project? 

My husband’s wine room. It’s his man cave. I’d also love to have light linen curtains. And eventually, I want to redo the kitchen!

Q: What would you want your home to say about you?

I want it to be chilled, humble, lekker. I suppose everyone wants their home to feel homely – that’s what I want but I don’t always realize that I have accomplished that.

Q: What advice can you give if people want to put together this look?

All the things we have are inherited or things that other people threw out. Don’t be afraid to rework something, or to change things with paint.



\\ living room

Vintage silver plates adorn the wall next to the gorgeous high steel windows.

This quirky little fireplace has been styled with crisp white candles.

Belinda made the pretty floral cushions with fabric salvaged after the dogs destroyed an upholstered sofa.

An old burlap bag serves as a welcome mat at the front door.

 BW: The coffee used to have a glass top but my dad threw it out when the glass broke. I repurposed it using an old palette.

BW: I inherited the silver pieces from my paternal grandmother. My dad is a hunter, so that is where the skulls and horns come from.

A pretty framed petit point takes pride of place in the middle of the gallery wall.

BW: this grand old wardrobe was passed down from my brother.

BW: I reupholstered the vintage dining chairs with fabric from some cut-up scatter cushions from H&M.

\\ kitchen

The previous owners used this anteroom to the kitchen as a breakfast room and later, as a home office. Currently, the Wilkinson’s use it for intimate meals and to store crockery in 2 beautiful vintage pine cabinets.

\\ main bedroom

With a distinct French influence, the dreamy main bedroom is home to Belinda’s grandmother’s ornate bed and dressing table. Belinda reupholstered the stool with traditional toile in contemporary black and white.

\\ Turner’s room

Any little boy’s dream bedroom, this car-themed bedroom is filled with vintage steel pieces, contrasting beautifully with the original parquet floor.

\\ bathroom

BW: I really dislike mouthwash bottles! They’re ugly and don’t go with my decor. So I decant it!

\\ patio

BW: We built this boma in a few hours – it really makes the outdoor area for me!