Chandelier DIY with Consol Glass – and a massive sale!

consol glass chandelier

As part of the cottage renovation that we’ve been working on for the last 2 months, Consol glass asked me to create something exciting using their glass products. Glass is such an amazing product to work with: it is free from harmful contaminants, it’s reusable and recyclable giving it a great green thumbs up, and it is inherently beautiful. Glass is something we literally use every single day and something that we might sometimes take for granted. While glass jars are great for storage and more recently, for serving trendy drinks in, we were in need of an impressive light fixture above the dining room table more than anything else. And so I set out to create a fun and contemporary light fixture with some electrical cord and Consol jars. Here are the step-by-step instructions for my chandelier DIY with Consol Glass – and remember that Consol has their REDHOTSALE from 28 Aug to 09 Sep so you can get these jars for a steal!


You will need:

consol glass chandelier

  • 8x 500ml Consol Jars with screw lids
  • 8x 1.1m 2.5 cabtyre electrical cord in black *SEE PRO TIP
  • Matt black spray paint
  • 8x black light fittings
  • 8x golf ball lamps
  • Electrical series connectors
  • Large ceiling bolt with plug
  • Hook with nut (length to match the height of your little bucket)
  • Small metal bucket to use as a ceiling cup
  • Hole saw to match the diameter of your light fittings

* PRO TIP: The light should hang around 80cm above the table, so in this specific dining room, the total length of the chandelier will be 1m. Add 10cm to each cord to give you some room to play with.


STEP 1 //

consol glass chandelier

Carefully mark out the center of each lid and drill a hole using the hole saw. Use pliers to press down any rough edges and to slightly adjust the size of the hole if necessary – it has to fit the light fitting snugly.

STEP 2 //

consol glass chandelier

Spray the lids and allow to dry.

STEP 3 //

consol glass chandelier

Wire a piece of cord to each light fitting.

STEP 4 //

consol glass chandelier

Make 8 equally spaced markings on the bottom of the little bucket and drill holes for the cords to go through.

STEP 5 //

consol glass chandelier

Drill a single hole in the center of the bucket and attach the metal eye, securing the nut underneath.

STEP 6 //

consol glass chandelier

Spray the bucket and allow to dry.

STEP 7 //

consol glass chandelier

Thread the cords through the holes and get the electrician to connect them to each other so that you end up with a single cord to connect to the power point in the ceiling.

consol glass chandelier

consol glass chandelier

STEP 8 //

consol glass chandelier

Attach the hook to the ceiling, connect and hook your chandelier in place.

Switch on and admire your work!

Happy lighting!




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  1. Hi Germarie ek is besig om braaikamer (eetkamer en TV sit area) oor te doen. Ek moet nuwe light fixtures insit (een oor die eetkamer tafel en een by die TV area)……wat is die faktore wat gaan bepaal wat die regte grootte is vir die vertrek en ook wat is die pointers vir ‘n goeie outcome. Moet dit dieselfde lyk? ens Help!!!

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