The Chronicles of Dettol Duck {*product review}

Living with 2 boys can sometimes be a messy affair. Especially when living on a farm where there are all kinds of wonderful messes to get into. And now that hay fever season has set in, there are runny noses in that mix as well. Yikes!

While I wash my hands at least 27 times a day {it’s a bit OCD, I know} my kids tend to be a little more slack in that regard. Until recently, that is.

D 10  I picked up a Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System at the supermarket, and suddenly we’re queuing for the sink.

D 12

Just looking at the packaging I already loved it. I have to admit that as a designer I can appreciate really good design. {I can also get really irritated with bad design, but let’s leave that for another day – the awfulness of the toilet brush comes to mind}. With this clever innovation, opening hard plastic packaging is not the extremely difficult and dangerous operation it usually is. Simply press the little perforated tab at the back, and pull. AMAZING.

It comes with batteries included, so really all there is to it is to pop in the soap {pretty picture instructions on the back} and presto! Simply hold your hands underneath and this nifty little gadget will dispense the perfect amount of soap – no mess, no fuss.

D 11Jean was immediately drawn to it and now he wants to wash his hands 27 times a day. I suppose I can’t judge. As I watched him wash for the umpteenth time, I realized that the shape of the dispenser really reminds me of a duck. So sticking a couple of eyes onto the soap refill made complete sense and thus enters Dettol Duck (cue heroic music!). Now before every meal, after every toilet break and mostly just randomly I am reminded that “We should wash our hands, Mom!”

D 6The hand wash soap refills come in 5 fragrances – I tried the Cucumber Splash and the Green Tea & Ginger, and they both smell amazing. And because the lovely people at Dettol are very generous, 1 lucky subscriber to Playing House can win a No-Touch Hand Wash System with an extra refill – YAY! And I will throw in a pair of googly eyes, just for fun! Follow this link to enter.

Have a look at Dettol’s other cleaning products too – their disinfectant trigger was a staple in the bathroom during potty training!

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. All comments and reviews however are honest and my own – if you do not agree with any of it, I’d love to hear from you!

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