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It is truly amazing the things we throw away every day.  Many of these simple items we think of as garbage can be used in clever ways to store all sorts of things.  And the best part is you don’t have to spend a cent!  Here are a few of my favorite ideas for turning trash into useful containers for your kitchen and other organizing projects.

Living in the Winelands, we tend to have quite a few wine boxes lying around. But if you don’t (which I totally understand!) you can get these from your local big store or liquor store for no cost; just ask. You’ll find most stores are happy to get rid of them.

wine-box-wrapping-paper-storageJust cut the flaps from the top of the box and leave the dividers intact.  You can decorate the box if you like or just use as is.  Now your wrapping paper has a place to sit pretty and upright like it should.  You can also store ribbon in the other divided sections and even store scissors and tape, too.  Each divided section is heavy-duty and will stand up to a lot of wear and tear.


Drinks bottles and similar containers are already food safe grade so you’re good there.  The caps fit tight, so that’s a plus – just be sure your bottle is clean and completely dry.  Then use a funnel to fill the bottles up with any dried food item you like that will pour out easily.  Dried beans, peas, lentils, and rice are perfect candidates for this frugal storage idea.  You can also see what’s in the bottle, which makes organizing easier. And if you can find stunning little vintage-style bottles like these, BONUS! Via Houzz.

Reuse-Milk-CartonsMilk cartons also work beautifully here. Just make sure it is VERY clean and VERY dry before you put something in it, otherwise you’ll be greeted with a nasty surprise when you open it! A bit of spray paint and a pretty label and ta-da!

863632ea206e4bbf4e46c2d14846d6b3Plastic milk bottles are also great for storing little bits and bobs that no doubt are lying around your house as well. I can definitely use a few of these around The Bruwery! Via

128512274250662And wow this is awesome! I don’t even think twice about throwing a can in the recycling bin – uptil now that is! This very clever idea from

So the next time you are about to throw out a container, just hover a second and look at it.  Is there anything useful you might be able to do with it?  Go ahead and use it to get organized and share it here on Playing House!



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