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As a work-from-home mom, I often find that having the kids in the home office with me is easier than trying to get them out. Having an “office” for the kids that are fun and grown-up is a great way to get them not only to do their homework, but also to create an interest in reading and crafts.

I have not come across many homes in South Africa that have these walk-in type closets. And while I am certainly not one for giving up closet space, it’s images like this that give me serious home-envy! Even without the walk-in you can create a beautiful space like this with some wallpaper, a simple desk and floating shelves. Also LOVING the pegboard on the left {you can get this from most hardware stores}. From Kidsomania.This is a great idea for a dedicated space in a living room – narrow long table against a wall with enough space for everyone. Personalized chairs give it a lovely playful touch. From Beautiful Homes of England.

This little nook shows how a little space can go a long way. A simple flip-down desk, painted cork tiles, mobile trolley for stuff and shelves in a little alcove. From House to Home.

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