Create the Cutest PolkaDot Doormat Ever

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Doormats don’t have to be boring. I believe that a doormat is essentially the first glimpse a guest will have of your home. So, why not make it as inviting and fun as possible? We were so inspired by Anthropologie’s doormat that we decided to make it ourselves. This little polka dot doormat is the sweetest little thing – perfect to add a welcoming touch to your front door.

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If you fall in love with your new mat as we did, you can use this darling little rug anywhere in your home!


Here’s how to make the Cutest Polka Dot Mat

Difficulty: easy

Time: 20 minutes


You need:

  • Sisal or coir mat
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker
  • Twine
  • Pencil, or a pointy object (a large drill bit can also work)
  • White paint
  • Small roller sponge
  • Tape measure



The Cutest Polka Dot Doormat

Lay the mat face down on the floor and measure the mat’s width (the shorter length). Divide this measurement by two to establish the radius of your circle. Find the middle of the circle by marking the radius from the width and the length of the mat.


Cut a piece of twine slightly longer than the radius. Make a loop on one end and tie the other end to the marker.


Press your pencil or pointy object on the middle of the mat and place the looped twine over the pencil. Move the marker around the centre point to form a circle. Once you feel confident that the circle won’t be cut-off at one end, draw the circle.

Pro Tip: Avoid a wonky mat by keeping the pointy object and marker upright while drawing the circle.


The Most Welcoming Polka Dot Doormat

Cut out the circle.

The Cutest Polka Dot Doormat DIY

Fold the mat in half to ensure that there are no odd edges. If there are, just snip them away with the scissors.


Create a Beautiful Polkadot Mat

Use the edge of a small roller for the polka dots. Dip the edge of the sponge into white paint (not too much paint) and do a few tester dots on paper to determine how saturated your sponge needs to be.

Lightly press the edge of the sponge to the carpet and quickly, but carefully lift the sponge. Work your way around the mat in a grid until the dots are complete. Let the paint dry.

polkadot rug with dog

That’s it; you are ready to show off your new Polka Dot Doormat! Now head to the kitchen and bake a lot of cookies because guests will be streaming in 😅


Happy DIYing!



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