Decorating with wood

Wood is a lovely living element to play with in the house. You can clad walls with it, use it as side tables or simply celebrate it by choosing beautiful wooden furniture. Even a stack of logs can become a lovely feature in the home.

I have found a few truly inspirational interiors and products worth sharing.

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The first picture on the left I’ve had in my picture library for ages. I love the symmetry of the shelves and the simplicity of this setting. This is my next dining room! The rough thick plank shelves on the right has a more cottage-like feel. Perfect for a family kitchen. Emmas blog Our vintage home


I am obsessed with outdoor studios and have a folder with more than fifty examples: from converted farm sheds to little glass domes in a forest. It’s the ultimate ‘woman’s cave’ and I am in desperate need of one.

Pinterest a holy experience


Wooden crates are fantastic for storage DIY’s! Stack them up against a wall displaying your most beautiful items – these ones are all in light tones that contrast beautifully with the wood. On the right the three stacked crates on wheels have a more industrial feel to it. I especially love the text on the sides of these crates. homelife x4duros


Using exposed wooden beams as architectural elements is all the rage. Even if it’s only a screen like the picture on the right. Pinterest AR Creations


Wooden cladding adds texture, warmth and visual interest to a focus wall. Pinterest


The combination of wood and cement is just lovely. I am going to make myself the coat rack on the right. It’s very me! Weiss Pinterest


1. Heart shaped wooden chopping board Wood News

2. iPad cover Leathim

3. Wooden block lamp Beards & Banjos

4. Canon airows

5. Book stand

6. Wooden framed glasses Kraft

7. Stacked wooden bowls lorilangille

8. Wooden beads with table cloth for outdoor entertaining mono online shop

9. Wood stack trolleys

10. Wood arm rest fototelegraf

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