DIY Corner Bookmarks with BOSTIK

These bookmarks are fun, easy and very handy. Involve the kids and let them do the decorating after you have done the cutting. Choose from one of the three designs we came up with: fox, ladybug and melon.

You will need:

Card in the colour of your choice

Scissors and craft knife

Pencil and ruler

Bostik Glue Stick

Bostik Glue Glitter

Bostik Colour ‘n Paint Twisters

Punch and black paper


Create a temple by drawing a square measuring 10 x 10 cm. Then draw two more, one on top and one to the left of the original square. They should form an L shape. Now half the bottom and top squares from the top right hand corner to the bottom left. Cut off the outer triangles from these two squares and the rest of the outline to form an arrow shape, like shown here in the picture.


Simply fold the two half-squares over and secure them together with your Bostik Glue Stick to make the cup of the bookmark that will slip over the corner of the pages of your book. For the fox design, you just need to cut the ears out before you glue the sides. Draw two small triangles on the middle square and cut them out using a craft knife. Fold them back to stick up like fox ears. Now glue your sides together to make up the bookmark.


Use a normal paper punch or a craft one like we did here to make up black confetti dots. These will be used as the eyes and dots decorating your bookmark animals.


Glue down one black dot in the middle of your fold over to make up the nose of the fox. Use a circular object like sellotape to draw two half-moons that makes up the structure of the nose. Now paste the two eyes and draw in little triangles on the inner part of the ears.


Finish of by using Bostik Glue Glitter on the nose section and red and yellow Bostik Colour ‘n Paint Twisters around the eyes. Wet your finger with some water and smudge the lines so they merge and take on a watercolour-look. Also do this on the tips of the ears.


The little ears makes it very easy to see where you left your bookmark. Use the template we used for the fox to also create the ladybug and melon bookmarks below.


For the ladybug we simply left our the ears and drew a black face and dots with our Bostik Colour ‘n Paint Twister and line down the middle to create the shape of this lady. Wet your finger and smudge the black to create a watercolor effect. We then defined the shapes by drawing in a rough motion the edges of the dots, face and line. The eyes were done with white dots we punched from an old magazine.


The melon is definitely the easiest one of them all. Draw the half-moon shapes by using a circular object and then roughly draw pips on the bottom triangle. Now color this triangle with red and the skin of the melon above in green and yellow. Wet your finger and smudge to create a trendy watercolor effect.

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