DIY fresh towel basket

I bought this basket a few years ago on sale and have used it to store magazines (that I have way too much of).

With the lovely bathroom makeover Germarie did this week I thought it would be a good idea to give my basket a quick facelift and use it to store fresh towels in the bathroom.

It took me less than 15 minutes and I love the new look!


My poor basket has seen better days. It collapsed on the one side due to the weight of the magazines I used to store in it.



Tightly packed with fresh towels straight off the washing line it helped to pull the basket back in shape. My colour palette in the bathroom is grey and duck egg blue so the colour dipped effect at the bottom of the basket pulls it all together.

Continue reading to see just how easy and quick it was to do this DIY.


Measure once

Stuff the basket with a pillow for you to measure out a straight line at the bottom. Mark the line with a pencil.



I painted my basket with Annie Sloan Chalkboard Paint in Duck Egg Blue. I know … we use Annie Sloan almost in every post but it’s because we truly believe in the product and it’s so easy to use.

Shop your chalk paint online here!


Play with texture

Just like my previous post on the DIY happy bag, I gave it a light coat of paint so that the texture still shows.


Two steps and that’s it!

In only two easy steps I managed to transform this basket from sad to happy. My only wish is that this new addition to the bathroom will inspire all of us not to leave wet towels on the floor!


Now go on and collect all those old baskets you have around the house and transform them into practical and pretty storage items!

Happy styling,

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  1. Excellent ideas, we will have to scour our attics for items to give them a new life, thanks for all the fresh ideas and inspiration!!

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