DIY Herby Hanger

This is a very quick and easy way to add some country to your autumn kitchen. A herb hanger not only looks really impressive and bountiful, but just working with all these lovely smelling herbs really brought a smile to my nose!

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I worked with 1.6mm steel wire: it’s stable enough to keep its shape but easy enough to bend. Working with the natural coiled shape of the wire will help you to measure the lengths (full circle / half circle lengths).

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First, make a circle with 1 and a half lengths of wire and secure the ends by twisting it around itself.

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For the top hanger: Start with a full circle length and bend right over left.

IMG_8635 (466x700) - watermarked

Then twist the bend to secure, and twist the ends to create loops.

IMG_8636 (466x700) - watermarked

Hook the hanger’s loops over the circle that you made earlier and secure the ends by twisting it around the circle.

IMG_8637 (700x488) - watermarked

For the lower hangers, you will follow the same steps as for the top hanger, but you’ll use half circle lengths.

IMG_8639 (700x484) - watermarked

Bend right over left.

IMG_8640 (700x479) - watermarked

Twist the loop that you’ve created to secure it.

IMG_8641 (700x473) - watermarked

Then create loops at the top by bending over the ends.

IMG_8643 (484x700) - watermarked

Hook the lower hangers onto the circle.

IMG_8649 (478x700) - watermarked

I made simple little S-hooks by bending the ends of 100mm lengths of wire.

IMG_8653 (467x700) - watermarked

I have plenty of parsley, rosemary, lavender and also some chillies. So far, it already smells amazing!

IMG_8678 (467x700) - watermarked

Using different kinds of ribbon, string up the herbs in roughly equal length bushes and hang onto the lower hangers using the S-hooks.

IMG_8677 (467x700) - watermarked

The bunch of chili in the center really makes the whole thing for me. And as an added bonus, it keeps the flies out of the kitchen!

Have you tried this yet? Please share your experience!

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