DIY Laundry Rack

A friend’s mom brought the most amazing and beautiful laundry rack back from the UK. It’s the perfect solution to a small laundry and I have been coveting one since. I wasn’t able to find one locally though and with the wet weather setting in I’ve decided it’s time to make one.

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Cut the 2 PAR pine batons (22mmx69mm) to 550mm lengths.  2 batons are enough for a rack of 1.8m but if your dowels are longer than that, it’s better to install a third baton in the middle of the rack as well. Then drill 4 holes into each piece using a spade bit, spacing the holes 150mm apart and offset by 50mm from the edges.  You can leave the wood as is, but I opted to white-wash mine to match the shelf in the laundry.

LR 12 - watermarked

Threading the 19mm dowels through, secure each with a single screw.

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Then drill a hole to thread the sash cord through. You will need 2 lengths of cord – simply thread through and knot on both sides, and then thread a single pully on the one side and a double with both cords on the other.

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I used white cup hooks to fix the pulleys to the overhead beams.

Lower the rack to a comfortable height for hanging laundry and then tie a knot right next to the double pulley so that it can’t go lower than that.

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When it’s pulled up, make another knot in the remainder of the cord so that you can hook it onto another cup hook to secure it.

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Now there aren’t any more excuses to have wet laundry on the dining room chairs!

Happy making!


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