DIY Pretty Lace Cement Hanging Planters

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We were doing some research on ways to display plants in your home, and when I saw some beautiful clay planters, I knew that I had to make something like it! I have also been a bit obsessed with lace lately, so naturally, I had to experiment. We never really know if the things we try here are going to work, and this project is one of those trail-and-error types of adventures. But I LOVE the result, and I am really excited to share it with you! Here’s how to make gorgeous lace cement hanging planters for an awesome interior.

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Lace Cement Hanging Planters

lace planters materials

You will need:

  • ready-mix Cretestone or cement (the cement will give a harder finish, but I love the colour of the Cretestone!)
  • water according to the cement manufacturer’s instructions
  • plastic lace sheet (mine is a torn placemat, but I believe anything could work here – even really lace!)
  • plastic containers of various sizes
  • cooking oil
  • planting bags
  • paper cup to keep the inside hollow
  • Harlequin Cretesealer
  • Sisal Twine

* You can buy most of these supplies online at Builder’s Warehouse – except maybe for the paper cups and lace 😉


cement mixing

Place the cement mix in a bucket and add the right amount of water. Stir the cement with a spoon, or with a paint mixer attachment to your drill – my new favourite accessory!


planting bags in plastic containers

Put a planting bag inside a plastic container. Play around with different shapes and sizes! Then line the black planting bags with the lace.


hand holding sponge in bucket

Wipe a generous amount of oil on everything – this will make removing the plastic much easier.


tub with cretestone

Carefully pour the cement mix inside and push the paper cup down in the middle, putting a weight like a stone inside to keep it in place. Use clothes pegs to keep the lace in place.

Leave the mixture to dry for 24 hours and then carefully remove the plastic layers. For extra durability, place it in the oven overnight on 60ºC to dry and harden and finish with Harlequin Cretesealer.


seedling tray cut up

Fill small pots with fresh potting soil and plants. You can use small pots or cut seedling trays as a pot inside the planter. Then string up with some twine!

hanging lace planter

hanging planter with succulent

Happy Planting!

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    1. HI Tammy, you should carefully remove the lace once everything is dry. Please send me a pic of your planters when they’re done! gx

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