The Prettiest Little DIY Terrarium for Indoor Gardening

This pretty little DIY terrarium has to be one of my favourite projects for Ideas Magazine! Give your houseplants pride of place with this functional statement piece. You can repurpose a collection of old frames or buy new ones for the project and finish it in the colour of your choice – although this green really works!

How To Make Your Own Mini DIY Terrarium

How complicated: easy

How long: 1 ½ hours, excluding drying time

 You will need:

diy terrarium

  • 6 picture frames to make up the body of the terrarium. We used:
    • 2 x 37cmx47cm for the front and back
    • 2 x 25cmx37cm for the sides
    • 2 x 25cmx47cm for the pitched roof
  • 8x plastic corner blocks
  • 6x 25mm steel butt hinges
  • 3x10mm wooden screws
  • Spray paint (we used Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover paint and primer in Meadow Green gloss)

You will also need:

  • Electric drill with 2.5mm wooden drill bit
  • Screwdriver


diy terrarium

Remove all the glass and backing boards from the frames and place them on a flat protected surface. Then spray the frames, taking care to cover the sides as well. Remember also to spray the back! Allow to thoroughly dry before moving on to step 2.



diy terrarium

Position the corner blocks roughly 5cm from the top and bottom edges of the frames and drill pilot holes. This will prevent the frames from cracking when you fix the screws.



diy terrarium

Use the 8 corner blocks to fit the 4 “walls” of the terrarium together. Place the caps on the corner blocks to finish it off.



diy terrarium

Fit the “roof” of the terrarium by connecting the long edges of the 2 remaining frames with 2 of the hinges. Then fix the roof in place with the remaining 4 hinges.



diy terrarium

Carefully replace the glass and populate with your favourite plants!

Happy Indoor Gardening!

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