DIY Tween study corner with Bostik

Create a DIY tween study corner that is both hard-working and playful! We’ve even added personalized stationary, easy notebook covers and a few decor ideas to the mix. Studying has never been more fun!

Put your personal stamp on it

Give ordinary envelopes fun polka dot liners with stickers or by using the back of a pencil. We’ll show you just how easy it is and the lovely impression it makes. Add your initials to stationary with watercolour and glitter using Bostik Colour ‘n Paint Twisters and Rainbow Glitter Glue.


Connect the dots

Create polka dot envelope liners by dipping the back of your pencil (the eraser side) into metallic craft paint and then evenly stamping out rows of dots. The shortcut option is to simply use metallic stickers as the dots in the same way!


Magic at your finger tips

We love working with Bostik Colour ‘n Paint Twisters – they’re the ultimate three in one with the perfect combination of crayon, pastel and water colour in one twist! You simply draw a line with the crayon and then either wet your finger to smudge the crayon into a beautiful watercolour, or use a paint brush dipped in water for the same effect (just a bit less messy).

I drew a line on the outer rim of the paper to create a watercolour frame and then did a watercolour area in red and yellow to give it an orange twist in the middle. This will form the background for the initials to go on.


Sealed and signed

You can either freehand your initials or use a stencil if you want to keep it neat. I simply used a normal black pen and fine stencil for the letters and then gave it a bit of glam by sealing it with a dash of Bostik Rainbow Glitter Glue.


Take note

Personalize notebooks with these easy ideas! First, cover the notebook with scrapbooking paper that you can buy at any craft store. Next, cut a frame to go on the cover and then add a stack of PostIt notes using Bostik Glu Dots.

Finish off your framed notebook by adding two ribbons that tie up in a lovely bow. I added the ribbons to the inside front cover and inside back cover with these very handy Bostik Glu Dots. No home should be without these!

Download the FREE frame template here


Ahoy sailor

Create this lovely nautical-themed notebook with 2 sheets of scrapbooking paper, a tag, string, ribbon, Bostik Glue Stick and Bostik Glu Dots.

Start by covering the notebook with scrapbooking paper. Then print the tag template and cut the shape from your second piece of scrap booking paper. String the natural rope trough the top hole. Finish it off by adding the ribbon with two glu dots to keep the tag safely in place.

Now you can use the tag as a bookmark in your notebook! Clever, isn’t it!

Download the FREE tag template here


Roses are red, violets are blue …

I covered this sweet little notebook with scrapbooking paper in a rose design . To add to the femininity I then finished it off with and extra broad pink satin ribbon that was secured to the notebook with Bostik Glu Dots.


Study corner

I have used this retro desk with lots of storage space (I picked it up from a thrift shop!) to create this tween study corner. Storage is key! Combined with a few playful elements, it creates a space that is both beautiful and practical.

This vintage soup bowl with flower detail is now used for paper clips and bits and bobs. It adds to the nostalgic tone of the space combined with a few modern twists.

The retro chair was instantly updated with this funky scatter cushion. Not only is the pattern on the scatter lovely, it will also ensure a soft seat for a bum!


Out of the box

These floating shelves create interest on the wall with their beautiful backing of scrap bookingpaper while remaining a great storage option for smaller display items.

Just measure your paper to the back of the floating shelf and cut. Secure the paper to the shelf with Bostik Glu Dots. It couldn’t be easier!

I also used square frames to add ‘quiet’ pictures that tones in with the rest of the setting. Pictures should not distract the student in any way!


I hope that you have found this article inspiring and that you are now armed with new-found knowledge to create a study corner for your tween using these decor ideas and lovely DIY’s.

Happy Styling,


Please note that his post is sponsored by Bostik.

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