Dress your bed for winter

In winter we tend to spend more time in bed. I had worked for a bedding catalog for years and picked up a few handy tips along the way that I need to share with you. Apart from dressing your bed beautifully, you should keep the following more practical things in mind.

My 5 bedding truths

1. Invest in the most expensive bedding and mattress you can afford. You will be surprised at how spending money on everyday home articles can make your life a lot easier.

2. Buy natural fibers and sheeting with a high thread count to make your night’s rest a better one. Your bed needs to breath.

3. Wash your bedding at least once a week. Twice is better.

4. Install practical task lighting so you can still read comfortably in bed while your partner can sleep without the light disturbing him or her or it. I will show you a few examples in this post.

5. Keep your window treatment in mind as there is nothing worse than wanting to sleep in, just to be woken up by a sharp beam of sunlight right in your eyes! Block-out blinds can be subtly layered beneath your beautiful curtains to block out light.

Now, with all the practicalities behind us, let’s get on with the inspiration!

Bedding trend – relaxed


Making your bed in a more relaxed way is all the rage at the moment. Gone are the days of beds made in military fashion with hospital corners.

I have to just mention that there is a very fine line between relaxed and messy. You will need to practice to get it just right. It can be as simple as just placing a blanket loosely over your neatly made bed or twisting your pillows slightly.


Layered beds


I love a few dreamy, romantic elements in a bedroom. It’s one of the most intimate spaces in the home and deserves special attention.

Layer your bed with different textures. If you have a linen duvet set, contrast it with a chunky knitted throw or blanket or even French linen like the picture on the left.

I simply love the simple canopy of the bed on the right with the eyelet canvas tied around the bed instead of a night frill.

Formal but friendly



If you tend to be a bit more conservative, then make your bed more formal with lovely puffy inners and add one element that is slightly more relaxed. Like this bed that used only one scatter placed randomly on top of the layered throws.

Pillow fight



This is probably one of the oldest arguments between two people having to share a bed: how many scatters do you actually need – if any!?

I believe that one or two scatters are enough provided it adds to the look and feel of the bedding. A contrasting color or beautiful print can both really give life to a bed – but in moderation.

There really is nothing worse than having to take off seven scatters before being able to get into bed and falling over them on your way to the bathroom at night.

Touchy feely


lifeasamoodboard Italiandipity

Winter really is the perfect time to play with added texture on your bed. If you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous crochet blanket that you inherited from Gran (or if like me you buy one and pretend Gran made it!), now is the time to put it on display. Have a look at the beautiful ones from Weylandts here.

It’s also practical to have a throw or chunky knit layer to use for when you’re not ready for bed but simply want to take a power nap or a time out with a book.


Light on the matter



Having your bedroom lights on a dimmer switch is very handy. We tend to only think of dimmers in lounges or entertainment areas to set the ambiance but this is equally important in the bedroom.

Pendant lights are very beautiful and modern but most of all, they play with vertical lines that make the look more luxurious.

I tend to go for wall mounted lights as they can adjust to the angle of light I need and I don’t have to get up to switch them off before bedtime!


The world outside your window



It is very important to be able to shut off the world outside your window before going to bed. If you live in a noisy area or close to a highway or railway station then you need to carefully consider your window treatment as this not only helps with blocking off light but also can help to absorb sound.

If the bedroom gets direct sunlight in the morning then invest in block-out blinds that block off light and help with noise pollution. Furthermore, combine them with beautiful curtains to soften the look and give a layered effect that is more intimate.


In our e-book The DIY & Styling issue, Germarie made a beautiful headboard that will be an asset to any bedroom – we’ll even show you how to make your own step by step!

Happy styling,


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