Farewell, Tata

As the national week of mourning is drawing closer to it’s apex, I still find myself overwhelmed by all the emotion that has swept over the world. We went to the former Victor Verster Prison which is very close to where we live, and tried to explain the gravity of the event to our 3½ year old. The constant images of Madiba clearly made an impression on him as he kept asking us of any man on TV if that was also “Mabiba”.

IMG_6816 (300x450)

I can only hope that our sons will grow up with the same awe for this remarkable leader that we have. That’s our responsibility.

IMG_6820 (300x450)

And in that spirit, we also sorted through the cupboards and the playroom and collected a couple of bags of joy to share with those that have less. I challenge you to do the same. Not only will it clear up your house ahead of the holidays, but it will also contribute this wonderful wave of compassion that seems to have started since Nelson Mandela’s death.

Farewell, Tata. May we live up to  your vision for our land.

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