Feathered nest

As a child, I was fascinated with feathers and I can honestly say that I still am.

Someone once told me that if you see a feather you know your guardian angel is near so I always think of that whenever I see one randomly.

So you can imagine my excitement to see them popping up everywhere from t-shirts to wallpaper.

Black and white

Framed feather prints in black and white make an a impressive statement.


PaulinaArcklin.nl society6.com

Up the wall

I love this wallpaper with printed feathers that have a watercolour feel to them. The colour combination just works combined with a retro chair.



Good enough to wear

I would like seven of these t-shirts, please! One for everyday of the week and I will try not to get paint on it! Just look at this whimsical ceramic feather necklace in soft green and turquoise.


fromupnorth.com etsy.com

Art class

Beautiful feather drawing bursting into tiny birds. I have also seen feathers being used like leaves and ferns by sticking them to the wall with Washi tape.


Pinterest.com thesocietyinc.com.au

Start collecting feathers and display them in your home to be right on trend.

If you feel inspired and want to get your hands dirty, try our copper dipped feather DIY.

Happy styling,


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