Feeling Blue…

It may be the weather, or it may be because everywhere I look I see blue: in the blue-grey of the skies, the soft duck-eggs popping up in pastel-inspired interiors or Delft that is showing up in everything from wallpaper to lampshades.

cobalt 1
Source: Digital Interior Design

I am suddenly becoming ridiculously obsessed with deep, rich, cobalt blue. It started with an image that I didn’t even know was photographed for the book {featured} – a shot of my son’s room when it was still cobalt. The room was repainted shortly after that because I felt it was too intense for a toddler, but now I want to paint my living room and kitchen in the same hue – go figure!

cobalt 3
Source: Design.Build.Ideas

Cobalt oxide was used in the Middle East to decorate earthenware as early as the 9th century and later spread to China and later still to Europe where the Dutch made it their own. Most of us grew up with a grandmother who had a collection of Delft-like plates, stacked on the mantlepiece out of reach of little destructive hands. But it only really became super trendy again in the last few years when the Dutch revived it through the work of Marcel Wanders and Moooi.

cobalt 2
Source: Moooi
cobalt 4
Source: Elle Decor
cobalt 5
Source: Finding Shibusa

Margaux did a wonderful piece on Duck Egg blue that will be published tomorrow and I am so inspired by Cobalt and Delft that I’ve decided to dedicate a few projects to it. So watch this space – you won’t be disappointed!


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