How To Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays

get your home ready for the holidays

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. Well, not quite. But there are numerous boxes and bags filled with Christmas presents and decorations on the dining room table.  And the kids have been jumping up and down in anticipation of going to the beach for the last 5 days. So while I am trying to wrap my head around the endless number of things that still have to happen before I can drive the bus through the farm gates and head to the coast, let me share my tips on how to get your home ready for the holidays.


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While Santa may be welcome to sneak into your home at night, the festive season is also a peak time for those Santa’s with less-than-honourable intentions. When you leave for the holidays, either have your lights on a timer or leave some lights permanently switched on. And not only outside lights, also leave bathroom and hallway lights on to ensure that the interior is not entirely in the dark.

Let your neighbours and security company know that you’ll be seeking solace elsewhere. Also, have your alarm tested before you leave just to make sure that all is working as it should be.


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Make sure that all windows and doors are snug and secure. Broken latches, hinges and locks are a security risk, so have them fixed before you go. Shutters are a fantastic security option that gives light control and prevent unwanted entry, all while looking awesome. They are especially rocking it with the botanical trend! Have a look at Finishing Touches’ range of made-to-measure shutters here. They come in 5 great colours and have a 10-year guarantee, which is sure to outlast your alarm system!


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Don’t leave things lying around! Make sure that toys, garden equipment and other loose item are safely tucked away in the garden shed or garage. And especially if you’re in the Western Cape: ask your neighbour to peek in daily to check for burst pipes or leaks, otherwise, you will be presented with a hefty fine for water wastage when you get back. Not the way to start the new year!


Do the responsible thing and take your pets with you, arrange for a pet-sitter or check them into a pet-care facility.


Switch off the hot water geyser and unplug major appliances, just in case there is some catastrophic power surge during the holidays. You never know!


Here is a little checklist to help you remember what needs to be done. Then go and enjoy your holiday and relax. I am certain that Santa will only bring gifts and leave the rest of your belongings in peace.

Happy Holidays!

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