Getting crafty with Bostik – a DIY

We are nearing the end of the school holidays, and while many parents and children are anxiously awaiting the start of the school year, now is the time to sort things out! We are getting crafty with Bostik this year – and what’s better than to get sorted AND to create some much-needed new entertainment with a super craft corner!

Bostik Craft Corner 1

I’ve been meaning to create a craft corner for my boys for the longest time so when the opportunity presented itself in the form of this lovely goodie bag from Bostik, I eagerly accepted!

Bostik Craft Corner 6

The design is really pretty simple. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • an old picture frame without glass
  • pegboard cut to fit the frame
  • shelving brackets and shelf
  • plastic-covered cup hooks
  • chalkboard (chalk paint against the wall will work as well!) *
  • 2 curtain brackets and a rod (to hold the unprinted newspaper roll)
  • various pegboard pegs, little metal buckets and containers to hold all your supplies

Shop your chalk paint online here!

Here’s how:

Step 1: Paint the cut-to-size pegboard in the colour of your choice, and fit it to the back of the frame. Secure the pegboard to the frame with panel pins.

Bostik Craft Corner 15

Step 2: For a pegboard to work, the panel has to be offset from the wall – so not pressed up against it. I achieved this by fixing 4 small screw-in eyelets to the back of the picture frame, using 2 of them to tie the string to for hanging.

Bostik Craft Corner 4

Step 3: Install the shelves and screw the cup hooks underneath. These are great for hanging anything from small buckets to scissors and tape.

Bostik Craft Corner 18

Step 4: Paint a chalk board block or fix an existing chalk board to the wall.

Bostik Craft Corner 16

Step 5: install the curtain rod brackets above the chalk board and hang the paper between the 2 brackets using a rod. I used a piece of bamboo which works perfectly!

Bostik Craft Corner 19

Step 6: POPULATE! Hang all the brackets and stationary and get ready to get crafty!

Bostik Craft Corner 17

Bostik Craft Corner 14

This was a quick project that was loads of fun to do. And the looks on my boys’ faces as they walked through the door were precious – I couldn’t get them away from their new play area!

Bostik Craft Corner 13

Margaux will do a kid’s study corner in the coming weeks and we’ll also do a few back-to-school craft projects, so be sure to check in regularly for updates.

Have fun crafting!


Please note that his post is sponsored by Bostik.

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    1. Hi! I found it at my local community newspaper – the roll is about 60m long and measures 84cm in width, a great size for all manner of projects!

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