Glorious rose gold and how to make it work in your décor

rose gold

Rose gold first made its glorious appearance in our lives in the form of jewellery just a few years ago… or did it?

Actually, this mix of silver, gold and copper has been used to create striking, feminine jewellery for almost a century, but after resurfacing a few years ago, it made its way into home décor.

Then, when Pantone announced Rose Quartz as the colour of the year in 2016 (actually, it was part of a duo, but Serenity never stood a chance) and we saw how beautifully it went with its cousin, rose gold, there was no stopping this home décor trend.  To be honest, I couldn’t be more thrilled that it’s still going strong – I just love it when my jewellery matches my home decor, like this pretty little vanity mirror from Bathroom Butler!

rose gold

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Apart from complimenting rose quartz and dusty pink fantastically, rose gold also makes a gorgeous décor companion to white, black and grey. Another trend from the 1900’s that recently resurfaced is pairing rose gold with classic marble.

With that in mind, here are our top home décor trends in rose gold.

#1 Everyday Items

Or more accurately, everyday home items, that would not ordinarily have been considered decor, become beautiful décor accessories when touched with rose gold.  It’s a welcome addition to the home décor accessories list for purists who hold the opinion that everything in the home should have a purpose.


Succulents, right on trend with the current movement towards greenery, get a glamorous edge when displayed in rose gold and marble planters.

rose gold

French Country CottageWhere To Get; Raquike  ; Home Decorating Magazine

Other everyday items, from cutlery to fans, are also getting the rose gold treatment so there is no reason for you not to bring this trend home! A rose gold industrial style laundry basket would make a grand addition to even the plainest of bathrooms.  In fact, the plainer the better, as it gives this humble workhorse a moment in the spotlight. Another place I’d have never thought to incorporate a decor trend is the inside of a closet.  With the rise in popularity of walk-in cupboards and open-plan loft apartments, however, it’s opened up a market for beautiful coat hangers and more specifically, rose gold hangers.

#2 Soft Furnishings

Although rose gold is technically a metal, its popularity has caused manufacturers of soft furnishings refer to dusty pink or copper blush as rose gold. And who’s to argue, when rose gold accessories are paired with pale pink and rose gold foiled scatter cushions, and complement each other so beautifully?

The Ankit


Urban Outfitters

#3 Frames

Frames have long been manufactured in the popular material of the day, whether that’s reclaimed wood, gold, silver or rusty metal.  They’re an easy to use, affordable décor accessory for someone who wants to subtly integrate a current trend into their home without overhauling the whole room’s design. And sometimes, it’s as simple as taking a can spray paint to a vintage frame.

rose gold


#4 Wall Art

Rose gold foil is being used in the making of both wallpaper and its more affordable cousin, the framed print.  The latter is another easy way to add a touch of glamour to an otherwise plain room. Wallpaper offers the decorator or homeowner two opportunities: use it as a feature backdrop, or pick up on small rose gold elements already present in the room.



#5 Lighting

Changing a light fitting is a fairly simple procedure and can be a stylish way to finish off a room that contains touches of pink, light wood or rose gold. Creating a collection, where existing wiring permits, will fill a space and eliminate the need for unnecessary furniture and trinkets taking up floor and counter space.


rose gold


#6 Furniture

This is probably the most serious trend commitment and reserved for true rose gold enthusiasts.  The beauty of the slender, simply designed rose gold metal furniture that’s trending at the moment, is that they can be easily incorporated into any of the more paired down home designs that are still trending alongside it.  Grey and white walls and soft furnishings create the ideal backdrop for a rose gold feature piece to light up a room.

Sarah Sherman Samuel

rose gold

Inspired by This

There are hundreds of ways to embrace the rose gold décor trend for those with just the slightest adventurous spirit. In a time where unisex and simple are buzz-words, it can be a welcome touch of glamorous femininity for the romantic at heart.

Happy decorating!

Feature image: Nicole Davis Interiors

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