Cooling Down with GMC Aircon

I can’t think of a better time to be reviewing a portable aircon unit than during a heat-wave ridden and drought-stricken South African January. Especially since, as you may already know, I carry a little bundle of joy that also acts as a little heater in my tummy.

I received this GMC Portable Aircon unit recently and was asked to try it out. The day it arrived at the door, it was 42°C. I eagerly opened the heavy box, flipped through the instruction manual and set it up. The whole process took me a full 5 minutes. And since then, I have been happily sitting in front of it, soothing cool air blowing through my hair.

Here’s what I love about it:

  • It’s mobile, as you may have guessed. Which means, that much like a child dragging a favourite toy from room to room, I can now also move my aircon to whichever room I find myself in provided it has a window or door to the exterior of my house.
  • It’s compact: I have seen many of these units that have strange and awkward shapes, but this one is a cube – simple.
  • It’s quite attractive: aside from the regular shape, it’s also not something that I feel I need to hide under a tablecloth when the guests arrive.
    GMC portable aircon review 1
  • It has remote control: this is a SUPER feature, especially when you’re sitting on the sofa and just can’t bear the thought of getting up to switch it on.
  • It’s give’s you complete control: cool mode, dry mode, fan speed, temperature, and swing or straight. It’s so clever in fact that it can adjust its settings automatically in smart mode!
  • It’s QUIET. I’ve had other portable units that are so loud that you cannot carry a conversation around it. This one however, is quietly doing its thing in the corner.

The exhaust hose cleverly connects to most windows with the help of an adjustable window bracket. I had to put some effort in to get it to fit with my elaborate burglar bars, but if fits perfectly!

GMC portable aircon review 3

And while I don’t love the look of exhaust pipe, it’s nothing a bit of decor can’t fix!

GMC portable aircon review 2

You can purchase your GMC Portable Aircon here or browse the full range of GMC Aircon products here. Of course if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the GMC team who are always happy to help. And as an added bonus, they offer free delivery anywhere in South Africa!

Stay cool!


The products in this post was supplied by GMC Aircon.

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