Gumtree Make-over: An African Drum

I got a rather odd and highly unlikely gift from Gumtree, and at first I really wasn’t sure what to do with it. This traditional African drum was massive, heavy, bulky and, to top it all off, had also been made into a little cabinet to house… something.

gumtree 8

I was not overly ecstatic about my gift, but decided to give it a second chance. My designer friends suggested an unlikely paint colour, as is befitting to an unlikely item, and I proceeded to give it a coat of bright yellow paint.

Gumtree 3

  My initial idea was to hand paint the cowhide top in black and white as well, but I was so pleased with the way the fresh yellow contrasts with the pale hide that I decided to leave it just as it was.

Gumtree 1

To make the handle, I strung some leather strips together with a couple of strings of beads, and tied it all up with copper wire. The colours match that of the hide and wood pegs keeping it in place and contrasts well with its bright background.


I probably won’t store anything inside, but I love how this random hand-crafted piece now has its own personality and pride of place in my home.

Gumtree 9

Everyone has an item like this in their homes, something that you can’t quite get rid of but don’t know what to do with. Why not send it to me and I might be able to give you a few ideas? Or have a look through our DIY section where we’ve upcycled many items over the last couple of years – something that we’ve done might just spark that great idea. And if you don’t have our book yet, now’s the time to get it!

Happy upcycling!

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