Hand printed gift wrap with twine and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

We all love receiving a gift no matter how big or small. Make your gifts extra special by printing the paper by hand. It’s loads of fun and the kids will love it too so get them involved.

I will be featuring six different wrapping paper DIY’s all done with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint over the next few days. The best part is that I’ve really used what I had around the house like twine, bubble wrap, empty toilet rolls, egg cartons and printed it all on unprinted newspaper.

Let’s start off the gift wrapping bonanza with this wonderful circular twine print in two colors selected from our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint palette. Shop your chalk paint online here!

Louis Blue – Pair this pastel with white for a fine Rococo look or combine with brights for a vintage retro aesthetic.

Antoinette – This soft pale pink takes inspiration from the dusky wall colors and decorative pieces of 18th century French interiors.


You will need:

Circular lid | Clear packaging tape | Natural twine | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in two colors (we have used Louis Blue and Antoinette) | Sheet of unprinted newspaper


Step 1:

Reclaim a nice size lid from the kitchen cupboard and get your natural twine.

Step 2:

Tape down the start of your twine to the inside of the lid so that it stays put.

Step 3:

In a circular motion, wrap the twine around the lid until you are happy.

Step 4:

Tape down the end of the clear packaging tape so that it all stays nicely in place when you stamp and cut the remaining twine off.


Step 5:

Paint the top of the lid with the two colors to cover the twine. You might have to reapply a coat or two depending on the amount of times you have to stamp on your paper. Otherwise the pattern will be very faded.

Step 6:

Stamp down the painted twine onto the paper and apply even pressure to get a clear print. Continue until you are happy with the amount of circles you have on your sheet.


Step 7:

Leave to dry and take the twine off your lid. I have incorporated it into the wrapping also by leaving it to dry and then wrapping it around the gift as you would with a ribbon. I love not having to toss it in the bin and think it’s the perfect finishing touch to the look of the gift with a contemporary twist.


All done!


I love the subtle pattern and geometric forms it creates. This was so easy and quick I will definitely recommend you try this at home.

Happy styling,

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