Home Tour: See the Wilkinson’s Vintage Farmhouse with a French Twist

home tour

The Wilkinson’s have lived on Le Bonheur wine estate for the last 5 months. In spite of their fairly recent move, the house has an amazingly comfortable and lived-in feel that attracted me to it immediately.  William is the winemaker on the estate and shares the house with his very creative wife, Belinda and their 5-year old boy, Turner. This home is filled with little styled vignettes that are evidence of Belinda’s keen eye for detail and her love of beautiful things. I spend a cold and overcast morning with Belinda, chatting about her approach to interior design over plenty of tea.

home tour

Q: What is your philosophy or approach to decorating your home?

BW: I believe that you must use what you’ve got, to make it work. You don’t need the most expensive furniture or accessories. I also love to use natural elements like flowers and natural fabrics.

Q: What is your favourite room in your home?

The living room. It’s a great space with lots of light – and of course, these high windows!

Q: How would you describe your style?

The term is probably eclectic. It’s a bit of French, some farm, a little boho. It’s got African elements mixed in as well. A lot of our furniture pieces are antiques or inherited pieces, so there is a lot of history in it.

Q: What do you always have in your home?

Plants and greenery! Green is my favourite colour and leaves from outside are free.

Q: What is the biggest challenge that you faced in your home? 

To actually make the space livable and pretty! Apart from the windows and the patio with the vine, it didn’t have a lot going for it. Our things are quite big and bold, so luckily it filled the space. The tiles in the living/dining room were also a challenge. I was used to having pressed ceilings and wooden floors. I really don’t like the stairs and that’s something we hope to change in the future.

Q: What is the next project? 

My husband’s wine room. It’s his man cave. I’d also love to have light linen curtains. And eventually, I want to redo the kitchen!

Q: What would you want your home to say about you?

I want it to be chilled, humble, lekker. I suppose everyone wants their home to feel homely – that’s what I want but I don’t always realize that I have accomplished that.

Q: What advice can you give if people want to put together this look?

All the things we have are inherited or things that other people threw out. Don’t be afraid to rework something, or to change things with paint.



\\ living room

Vintage silver plates adorn the wall next to the gorgeous high steel windows.

This quirky little fireplace has been styled with crisp white candles.

Belinda made the pretty floral cushions with fabric salvaged after the dogs destroyed an upholstered sofa.

An old burlap bag serves as a welcome mat at the front door.

 BW: The coffee used to have a glass top but my dad threw it out when the glass broke. I repurposed it using an old palette.

BW: I inherited the silver pieces from my paternal grandmother. My dad is a hunter, so that is where the skulls and horns come from.

A pretty framed petit point takes pride of place in the middle of the gallery wall.

BW: this grand old wardrobe was passed down from my brother.

BW: I reupholstered the vintage dining chairs with fabric from some cut-up scatter cushions from H&M.

\\ kitchen

The previous owners used this anteroom to the kitchen as a breakfast room and later, as a home office. Currently, the Wilkinson’s use it for intimate meals and to store crockery in 2 beautiful vintage pine cabinets.

\\ main bedroom

With a distinct French influence, the dreamy main bedroom is home to Belinda’s grandmother’s ornate bed and dressing table. Belinda reupholstered the stool with traditional toile in contemporary black and white.

\\ Turner’s room

Any little boy’s dream bedroom, this car-themed bedroom is filled with vintage steel pieces, contrasting beautifully with the original parquet floor.

\\ bathroom

BW: I really dislike mouthwash bottles! They’re ugly and don’t go with my decor. So I decant it!

\\ patio

BW: We built this boma in a few hours – it really makes the outdoor area for me!

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