House tour – Greenhouse

This inspired home is the perfect example on how to bring the outside in and play with collections of the nostalgic, treasures found outdoors and air plants.

It achieves the ultimate goal in any home … to truly reflect the personality of the warm and loving family that lives there.


The (Streptophylla) is the home owners favorite plant! She says it looks like the leaves are permed and the less water she gives it the tighter the curls! Combined with different ceramic objects it puts the ‘life’ in this still life.


This heirloom cupboard gets a contemporary make-over without any structural changes by adding finds from the family’s treasure hunts. Nests combined with origami shapes folded by family members and displayed in a glass vase, stacked bones, folded knits and rope become a feast for the eyes. What a treasure chest!


A combination of unexpected elements like wood, stone, a knit and plants look perfectly styled on a wooden surface.


Attention to detail is evident everywhere in the house. Little thoughtful details like these hooks that display a collection of crochet was hand crafted by the owners grandfather – Oupa Louw.

The (Targentea) air plant on the left is part of a collection showcased on a window sill in the house. Graphic and beautiful!


The gorgeous collection of air plants on the window sill from the left (Targentea), top right (Bulbosa) and below right (Tionantha). I fell in love with the pictures so I thought I will enlarge them and get them framed for my living room.

TIP: Advice from the owner – Water your air plants at least once a week with a spray bottle. In hotter months you can even water them more. It’s a myth that they don’t need any watering and can be a costly mistake.


Combining three of these (Sedum Morganianum) commonly known as ‘Donkie sterte – Donkey tails’ make a jaw dropping display on a bland wall. I thought they look incredibly lush but the owner informed me that they are actually suppose to have more dense leaves. They don’t due to them being planted in a shady area. I still think they are absolutely beautiful!


Feast your eyes on the owner’s green house that is neatly tucked away under a big tree in the garden. It was a birthday gift from her husband. I say hats off to such a thoughtful man!


A sneak peak into the greenhouse filled with luscious plants waiting to be used either in the garden or indoors.

The owner tells me that she prefers to use succulents instead of flowers as they are equally pretty and can easily be planted once cut and used for display purposes.

I hope you have been just as inspired by this house tour as I was when taking the pictures.

Happy styling,


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