How to create your own sanctuary with plants and Weylandts

weylandts botanical

I have written about the importance of a sanctuary many times before, but I believe the need for a quiet space where we can regroup and come to our senses is more necessary than ever. We live in a crazy world of constant connection, only to be more disconnected than ever. An indoor sanctuary is a place where you switch off the tech, calm your mind and B-R-E-A-T-H-E. For some people, that space is a quiet reading nook; for others, a full-on meditation space complete with water feature and floor cushion. My sanctuary is my bathroom: a Victorian bath, deep green wall and some greenery – my own sanctuary with plants.

weylandts botanical

Plants have an amazing power to instill calm and serenity and recently national retailer and trendsetter for all things über cool, Weylandts, has extended their outdoor range to include a much larger offering of pots, plants and all things garden-loving.  All of their larger stores boast impressive in-store greenhouses. Hanging plants, large potted succulents, gorgeous wooden planters and accessories that will make any greeny’s heart skip a beat, hang from the structure and populate its shelves. And all of it with the signature Weylandts’ trendiness.

weylandts botanical

weylandts botanical

images courtesy of Weylandts

The offering is really unique and the helpful staff would be more than happy to assist in choosing the right plants and accessories for your home. Besides plants and containers, they also have accessories and tools that make great gifts: from wooden handle gardening tools and hanging baskets to impressive garden sculptures and pretty parasols. Click here for your nearest store.

Putting that botanical look together can be a challenge however, so here are 5 tips for using plants indoors:

  1. In the Corner

weylandts botanical

Think big and place large indoor plants like ficus or bamboo in dull, unused corners. It will not only liven up the space, but also provide height to the room.

2. String it UP

weylandts botanical

Not enough surface space to put a plant down on? Just hang it from the ceiling!

3. Grouping

weylandts botanical

Group smaller plants or leaves together to create a collection on a table or shelf. You can even play with varying heights to make it interesting.

4. In full bloom


If you struggle to keep an indoor plant alive, use succulents as part of your table setting or even just as a display on a table. This pretty echeveria is perfectly balanced by stone and a thorny branch.

5. Rooted in glass

weylandts botanical

It’s not only flowers that can create an impressive display in glass: aloes work very well in a container with water, as long as they have established roots and just a little water.

I asked Anna of Weylandts a few questions and here’s what she had to say about their plants:

H: What are the best plants for indoor spaces?

AW: Succulents are always an easy option for indoor use, as they are hassle free. Aloes are great for purifying air in an indoor space. Philondron and Bamboo palms will give your space a more ‘jungly feel’ which is very on trend at the moment.

H: There is big trend towards not only greening indoor living spaces with actual plants, but with leaf prints and botanical themes as well. Which items do you think are essential to get this trend right (you can reference 4 or 5 specific products in your catalogue that I can build a mood board with)

AW: Definitely. We have seen large scale leaf prints everywhere, from wallpapers to carpets. We believe nothing beats the real thing, so we have extended our range of potted plants this summer, as well as bringing in some floral and fauna prints in our accessories.

weylandts botanical trend

  1. Palm Leaf Wall Panels – set of 5
  2. Abstrakt Protea
  3. Potted Platyceruim
  4. Perigentra Embroidery Scatter Olive
  5. Hippo Swamp Scatter
  6. Potted Hummel Sunset
  7. Potted Crassula Spathulata
  8. Potted Kalanchoee Tessa

H: What are your top tips for taking care of succulents?

AW: Although succulents can be virtually indestructible, you should take some of the following steps to ensure the live a long and happy life:

  • Make sure they get at least 6 hours of sunlight a day
  • Water when the soil starts to feel dry – do not over-water them.
  • Use plant food every now and then to enrich the soil a bit.
  • Repot every 2-3 years, you do not want the root system touching the sides of the pot.

For more information on Weylandts’ offering and to keep up to date with their products, follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

And because we are South African and spend a huge amount of time outdoors, I’ve created a little sanctuary on my patio as well: wooden bench, aloe and botanical-print seat cushion – a quick and easy project with a Ferox Aloe from Weylandts. Now all I need is a good book and some time off!

weylandts botanical

Happy greening!


This post was sponsored by Weylandts.

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