Dad’s DIY Guide: How To Measure Windows Correctly

In most homes, DIY projects tend come down to Dad over the weekend. But trying to juggle career, family and responsibilities – while doing things with little help except for little curious hands – can be difficult. To help save some time, we’ve put together this handy guide on how to measure windows for blinds, rods and tie backs. (Don’t worry Dad, we won’t tell anyone that you read a manual!) These guidelines are the secret that will help you to choose the right tools for the job and create the perfect window dressing.

You will need these tools:

  • Drill
  • 5mm masonry drill bit
  • Ladder
  • Measuring tape
  • Star-pointed screwdriver, or a star-bit for your drill/driver)
  • Pencil
  • Spirit Level

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1. Measuring for Curtain Rods

Measure the inside width of the window. Rods should extend 10-20cm beyond the window on each side. Measure the height according to your existing or new curtain height. Usually, this will also be between 10 – 20cm above the top frame of the window.

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PRO TIP: If you have really high ceilings, but your windows are not very high, you can install the pole high over the window the help correct the proportions.

how to measure windows

2. Measuring for Tiebacks

Tiebacks should be installed approximately 1 metre from the floor, on the outside edge of the curtain.

3. A note on Finials

Ensure there is enough space for your chosen finial at both ends of the rod. If space is limited, consider an end cap finial instead of something that protrudes.

4. Measuring for Blinds to be installed INSIDE the window recess

Check that nothing is protruding into the recess where the blind will hang (i.e. burglar bars)

  • Measure the inside reveal width
  • Measure the inside reveal drop

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5. Measuring for Blinds to be installed OUTSIDE the window recess

  • We recommend 10cm overlap on each side of the window
  • We recommend 10cm overlap on the top of the window
  • A blind can comfortably sit on top of a window sill where one is installed. Otherwise, a 10cm overlap on the bottom edge is also advisable.

6. Cut out blinds

  • Measure the width between the tiles
  • Measure the drop of the tile itself
  • Measure the width of the tile itself

Some handy hints when measuring your windows:

  • Always use a metal tape measure as plastic and cloth tapes may stretch. Even 5mm can make the difference between a good fit and a bad one!
  • The saying goes “Measure twice, cut once”. It is definitely advisable to measure more than once. Measure left, middle, right or top, middle, bottom.
  • Also keep in mind that as much as builders try, windows are not always straight and level. For inside a recess, use the smallest measurement, and for outside, the largest.

Finishing Touches can always help you with your installation because they realise that dads also need a break! Just give them the correct measurements you took while using these guidelines above, and they will install your window décor in time and on budget.

It can be our little secret gift to you on Father’s day….

Happy Father’s Day to all those amazing dads out there!

NOTE: this post is sponsored by Finishing Touches.

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