Indoor Herb Garden

I have for a long time been singing the praises of growing your own herbs – they have so many uses not only food, but also as insect repellants, gift decorations, home remedies and loads of other things.  During the winter though, unless you prefer to use the dried herbs that no doubt hangs from your beautiful herb hanger, physically getting to your fresh herb garden might be a problem. And if you get there, the frost and hail may have destroyed everything you had anyway. So it’s time to bring the herbs in, just for the next few months.

  herb 2 - watermarked

I found these very sweet little hanging tin planters at the Chinese Emporium. A couple of cute customized sticky labels later and they look stunning!

herb 1 - watermarked

Click here to download your set of sticky labels – FOR FREE! Print out on an A4 sticker, cut, stick and you’re good to go.

herb 3 - watermarked

Besides holding herbs, they also hide away the burglar bars a bit – BONUS! No more running around in the rain to get that wholesome goodness into the pot, I can just harvest from the scullery window.

herb 4 - watermarked

They really just need a bit of sun, and if you plant them in little removable pots you can easily place them in the sink to water and drain once a week.

Happy Herbing!


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