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There is something really special about having pictures up around the house. They act as a constant reminder of all the good memories shared with your loved ones. That being said, I am still really terrible about actually putting any photos up! After 3 years of marriage, we have just one picture printed! The closest I normally get to printing out photos is scrolling through the ones I have saved on my phone when I’m bored. Enough is enough! These easy Instagram Photo Magnets DIY are a good start for me to bring some special memories out into the open.

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This is a surprisingly easy DIY and ends up looking extremely professional. With your friend’s Instagram photos being freely available to you, why not use some of their photos and make them a surprise Instagram Photo Magnets DIY gift?

You will need:

A selection of your favourite photographs

Adhesive magnet paper (*or printable magnet paper)

Craft knife

Metal Ruler

DIY Instagram Magnet


Select your favourite digital photographs and arrange them together in a collage for printing. I arranged mine, 2 photographs per 10x15cm print, using the collage feature on Picmonkey and then had them printed. If you have photographs that are already printed, you can also use them.

Carefully cut out the images and arrange them on the magnet paper.

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Pull off the backing of the adhesive magnet paper and stick down your photographs. Allow a small gap between photographs, for cutting the magnets to size.

DIY Instagram Magnet-3

Again, using the craft knife, carefully cut along the edge of each photograph.
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Now all that’s left to do is admire your handiwork and take a trip down memory lane!

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*If you have printable magnet paper, all you need to do is arrange your photos onto a page the size of your printable magnet paper. You can do this in Word, Photoshop or an online collage site, such as Picmonkey. Print the photos onto the shiny white side of the printable magnet paper. Carefully cut around each photo with the craft knife and your magnets are ready to be displayed!

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Hope you enjoyed the DIY!
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