Kids Bedrooms: Our top 5 tips

I wrote a post about nursery essentials  a while ago, and decided that it’s time to do the same for kids’ rooms.

As parents, we try to give our kids everything we can to ensure their best possible chance in life. Their small little lives can become cluttered so easily that their bedrooms should be a place of calm and quiet. This is of course a very personal opinion because my kids have the luxury of a play room that gets destroyed daily. But even if you don’t have a dedicated chaos zone, aim to create a serene bedroom.

Herewith then my top 5 bedroom essentials:


Unless you are prepared to redo your kid’s room every couple of years, it’s best to have a room with elements that can grow with them. Beds that they can still use when they 12, changing tables that turn into desks and bookshelves that can host all their years of paraphernalia are ideal.

all grown up



Furniture has to be either beautiful or functional as Morris said. And in our cluttered lives, all the better if they have more than 1 function. A desk that’s a bedside cabinet that’s a storage unit. Loving this this clever little unit!




I seem to harp on about this A LOT, but storage is one of the top priorities in my house. I cannot stand clutter so having things on wheels under beds and boxes on top of closets really get me excited!

pack it up

ikea & iheartorganizing


Just because it’s a serene space doesn’t mean it has to be clinical. Dark painted walls, bright wallpaper, colourful carpets – it all works as long as the space is not too full (refer to point 3 above!)

colour & Jeanette Lundi


I am not one that condones a themed bedroom, but this has to be THE COOLEST boys’ room ever. The whole Dr Livingstone-thing is beautiful and I am sure very inspirational to the kids who inhabit this space. What I really love about it, is the personal touches in the pencil drawings – just lovely. And you don’t have to be an artist to do this: using a projector and simply drawing along the lines of an image will do the trick.



I am in the process of changing the nursery to a little boy’s room – a project that I am in 2 minds about because it’s necessary on the one side but quite sad for me on the other.  I will do the big reveal next week so keep an eye out for it!

Happy Decorating!

germarie 200px

Have you tried this yet? Please share your experience!

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