Laundry Organization Tips and Free Printable Cheat Sheet

Laundry Organisation tips and free printable cheat sheet

Are you good at staying organized? Or, like me, do you need a little help sometimes? One of my least favourite chores to do is the laundry. So, to help you (and me!), here’s a little guide for a few laundry organization tips, including a DIY for making your own pretty re-writable board.

Laundry Organisation tips and free printable cheat sheet

These re-writable boards are a great way to add organization to any room of your house. They are prettier than white boards but serve the exact same purpose. You could even add one into a gallery wall if you like.

How to make your own re-writable board:

It’s honestly one of the simplest things to do. All you need is a frame of your choice and the background that you want to use. For your laundry, you can download this cheat sheet (download link found below), or for any other room in the house, you can use a pretty piece of paper or fabric.

Remove the backing board from the frame, leaving the glass in front. Place your new background into the frame, close it up with the original backing board and get writing straight onto the glass. Be sure to use a whiteboard marker and not a permanent marker though! When it’s time to change your to-do list, chores, shopping list or doodles, simply rub it off with a tissue or cloth and start again on a clean slate.

Laundry Organisation tips and free printable cheat sheet

As an added bonus, I’ve thrown in this shopping list and meal plan printable. You can either pop this into a frame too or simply print out a few and use it for your weekly planning.

Both files are included in the download here.

Laundry Organisation tips and free printable cheat sheet

Small Laundry Organisation Tips:

While it is important to keep yourself organized, it is also important to keep the physical space that you are using organized. Most people are confined to a relatively small space to do their laundry, but there are many ways that this space can still be used well, helping you to keep it organized.

  1. Use wall space for storage. Whether you use shelves or cupboards, make sure to utilize the space that is available on the wall.
  2. Separate the space by adding a curtain or folding doors. This allows you to hide the laundry away when not in use.
  3. Have a fold-out hanging rack, or a rack that hangs from the ceiling. It is not always possible to hang clean laundry outside to dry, so adding a rack that doesn’t take up precious storage space is very useful.
  4. Use small containers or baskets to keep like items together. This makes it easier when going through the laundry process, as everything you need is easily accessible.
  5. Don’t let the laundry build up. Having too much laundry is not only likely to make you want to procrastinate even longer, but it will also make a small space cluttered and difficult to use. To be efficient with electricity and water, don’t wash very small loads, but be sure to wash your laundry regularly.

Laundry Organisation tips and free printable cheat sheet

What are your favourite laundry organization tips or tips for organizing the rest of the home?

Happy organizing!

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