Let’s get crafty!

There is sooo much cool stuff out there that it might be difficult to decide what to get at the craft shop {that’s assuming that your town has one AND that you know where it is}. But since everything is going online now, it makes sense to do some online craft shopping as well. Here are my favourite sites:

While I am not into scrap-booking, I do see the value of the AMAZING craft supplies that is used for it. I have just found a fantastic site called Scrapbook Studio that not only have all the punches that you could possible want in life, but also paint, caddies, stickers, templates and a whole lot more. HAVE A LOOK!

Art Attack has a very good range of supplies, from canvasses and oils to lino and balsa wood. They have quite a technical offering for students and professional artists {with brands like Derwent and Rotring} as well as people who dabble in art, but their site is very well put together and easy to navigate.

Art Express also has a very good selection and their prices are competitive.They have a wide selection of artists magazines and offer gift certificates which is always a plus for those people you just don’t know what to get for!

Scrap-a-Dooldes is another scrap-booking store that has everything you could think of wanting and a few other things as well. Very cool – possibly my favourite!

Alan Adams Distributors has amongst other things fabric paint, tempera {powder & liquid} and a high quality glass craft range if that’s your thing.

So go on – make a cup of tea and go shopping!

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