Let’s talk 2016 decor trends!

This year so far has taken me by surprise: there have been so many things happening and so much going on that I can hardly believe the first quarter is nearing its end.

While it’s a bit unconventional, I’ve decided to postpone the traditional Homeology Trend guide. So instead of having it come out in January, with ALL the other trend guides in the world, I’m only starting to put together my top list of 2016 decor trends now. There are a few reasons, but the main being that trends don’t only present themselves at the beginning of the year. And once the main ones have surfaced, there is this beautiful hybrid-thing happening. And that’s where the REAL trends lie, with real people applying things in their own lives.

Case in point: we all know that Rose Quartz is one of Pantone’s colours of the year (and if you didn’t, now you do!). But instead of keeping it calm and serene, pairing it with emerald suddenly gives it a whole new, vibrant spin. It’s not what Pantone envisioned initially, but it works! And if Frida Khalo did it, who are we not to embrace it!

Rose Quartz Emerald

Hunted Interior; Design Sponge*

So with that, I’d like to launch Homeology TRENDS 2016 – as voted by YOU! Over the next couple of months, I’m going to be posting polls where you can choose which interpretation of a trend you like best, or even just choose between 2 trends that seem to be contradictory. It is YOU after all that choose which trends you follow, not the magazines and retail stores and so-called trends setters that prophesize them.

Here’s to you – the trend forecasters of 2016!

Germarie Signature Featherly

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