Lightening up

For so many years, dark wood was the thing to do: heavy furniture in even heavier coloured varnishes, stains and waxes. It was a sign of stability, of grandeur and seriousness. In light of this heaviness I can only imagine that our return to lighter, raw woods is a sign of our lives easing up, of us not taking ourselves so seriously anymore. Or possibly, of our need to create an environment that appears lighter even though the surroundings may seem dark. But that of course is open to interpretation 😉

Raw, natural wood has the most beautiful patterns and colours – here’s looking at some very inspiring ways to use it as nature intended: Naturally.

 burnt & chopped

I so want to try this: these little stools called “Ausgebrannt” or Burnt Out by German designer Kaspar Hamacher are chopped down and then carefully burnt out to create this beautiful juxtaposition between raw and exhausted materials. Or for something a bit simpler, cut thin branches into disks and glue them together to make these pretty flowers. They make very pretty Christmas Tree decorations or as part of a table setting – for the full tutorial go to Ashbee Designs.


Sometimes the answer stares you right in the face! Use an industrial wire spool for a wonderfully rustic table and gather some branches together to create a quirky little table lamp, both via Pinterest.


Using pastel coloured paint or white wash over raw wood creates beautiful contrast and emphasises the grain without dominating it. This vintage work bench by Mechant Design was top-dipped in a soft blue and given pride-of-place in front of a window – gorgeous. In the tranquil picture on the right, a modern table is contrasted with traditional tongue-and-groove panelling – both white-washed to soften it up. Style Cookie.

eating raw

If these works of art do not want you to don some form of floral garland, nothing will! This incredible glass and wood creation is by Greg Klassen and the natural wood table by designer Carla Aston. Both of these have to be the hero in the room, so team them up with simple chairs and little else.

logged in

A really easy DIY way to get that raw wood inside, is to slap some wheels on it! Create the rustic and oh-so-practical TV-stand or shelving unit with old scaffolding planks and castors. From Room by Sofie. And this exquisite chest of drawers with its raw sycamore drawer faces and modern white lines is by Peter Kindt Furniture.  Love it!

natural beauty

Celebrate even the more modest materials: a raw pine cabinet with brightly painted legs via Digs Digs. And then in the image on the right, one of my favourite things: OSB or Oriented Strand Board. This very basic construction material is finally being seen for the beautiful thing it is. And because it’s made up of compressed wood shavings or strands, it’s very inexpensive too! This uber cool cabinet by Lautre Atelier.


Taking birch branches and crochet to a whole new level with these tripod stools by Paulina Arckline. For something simple, use stripped logs cut down to 2 different sizes and place them slightly apart on a plain wooden floor for maximum impact. By Apartment Therapy.


And for a very easy DIY solution  – take about 20 packets of clothes pegs and create this lovely chandelier. No mess, no fuss! Go to Remodelista for the full tutorial.

Happy Decorating!


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