Little blue bird

I love giving herbs as presents to friends and family. It’s one of those gifts that really keeps on giving and is perfect for those times when you’re fresh out of creative gift ideas.

Try this easy DIY herb markers to make your fragrant gift extra special.


1. Bird stamp (or whatever tickles your fancy)

2. Ice cream sticks from your local craft store

3. Ink pad

4. Chalk board paint (shop your chalk paint online here)

5. Chalk


Stamp your shape on the top of the ice cream stick.


Pretty birdies!


Now paint two thirds of the ice cream stick with your chalkboard paint to give you enough writing space. Leave it to dry.


Choose a herb and write the its name on the marker with chalk. Simply add to a herb pot and you have the perfect fragrant gift!

I would love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions please email me at

Happy styling,


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