Marching On

While the hottest day of the year so far is blazing its trail across our beloved Table Mountain, I am here to announce that Autumn is here. Which seems preposterous considering. But the calender says it is so, and my March Lilies are in full bloom under the oak tree, trumpeting that the leaves are going to start falling soon. More like fainting from the tree than falling.

March in the Boland signifies the blooming of my favourite waterblommetjies as well. It’s not cold enough for a hearty stew yet but I am really starting to look forward to washing down the salty crunchiness with a heavy Merlot. So while we are bound indoors on this sweltering autumn day, fans turning and moods dipping, I look at the gorgeous Delicious Monster leaves displayed on my dining room table and I am reminded that whatever the weather, bringing the outdoors in is always a great idea. And that is exactly what we would like to explore this month. Because, in theory, things are going to start cooling down, the sun is setting earlier, and that late summer stew is not as far off as we think.

outside in


So happy March! And let’s hope that the flames – and the heat – settle soon.


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