Measuring up!

I love seeing how people incorporate thrift shop finds into their homes like these clever DIY projects with yard sticks. From cladding stairs to a book and yard stick pencil box and everything in between.

I hope these quirky reclaimed DIY’s inspire you like they did me.

  1. Bicycle wheel wall clock


Paint a focus wall with chalk board paint and add a bicycle wheel with yard sticks as the arms of the clock. Writing roman numerals on the wall finishes off the look.

2.  Yard stick storage box


These handy storage boxes made from yard sticks are very versatile. Use it as stationary storage in your office or put it up against the wall in your sewing room to display thread spools. Alternatively you can use it as a planter by adding soil and a few hardy succulent plants.

3.  Cladding a stair case


Add another layer to your staircase by cladding the risers with yard sticks. It’s subtle and fun!

4.  Book pencil box


Upcycle old book covers and turn them into pencil or storage boxes by adding yard sticks as sides and the hard cover as the lid of the box. 

5.  Yard stick crate


Take a storage crate and add yard sticks to form the horizontal slats.

  1. Arrow


The arrow shape is very trendy right now and works great as a graphic element on a wall with a grouping of different items.

7.  Bench top


Add a durable layer of yard sticks on top of a bench to form the seat area. It’s sure going to get tongues wagging!

  1. Table top


Add yard sticks to a table top for a reclaimed feel.

9.  Colorful coat hooks and frames


Why not try your hand at making one of these colorful DIY projects? Two varieties of coat hooks with a yard stick backing, yard sticks as picture frames or to frame an existing shelf. I love the color splashes in these pictures.

10.  Lampshade and console


Attach yard sticks horizontally to a steel lamp shade frame to make up this beautiful shade.

Make a statement in your foyer with a console façade of yard sticks.

It’s a nice way of saying hello!


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